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Archives for November 2008

Being Thankful

by Michele November 27th, 2008| Helpful Hints
If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, don't forget to take the time and be thankful. For many of us are day is filled with hectic activity. Cooking, cleaning, making sure the kids are ready (for company or to travel), and more fill this holiday.

However, this day is based on

Effects of Stroller Choice?

by Michele November 26th, 2008| Infants/Toddlers
Today I found a study published by the Talk to Your Baby group that researched the effects of the direction a baby/toddler faces in her stroller (toward or away from the pusher). The conclusion drawn from this study was that, "life is emotionally impoverished for too many babies in

Nurturing Independence

by Rosanne Lorraine November 25th, 2008| Preschool
Children depend on their parents for all kinds of support when they're young. Aside from food, shelter, and clothing, kids also need to be nurtured, educated, and loved during their early years. However, it is also important for parents to remember to teach independence to their kids, especially as they

A Family Activity in Dover, DE

by Michele November 21st, 2008| Elementary
Recently, my husband was in the Dover area with two of our four children. With a day of rain forecast for Saturday, he was looking for something to amuse our seven and eleven year olds. Luckily for him, he found the Biggs Museum of American Art.

To read

Gut Instincts

by Michele November 20th, 2008| Helpful Hints
We all have experienced it- that strange feeling that something isn't quite right. Of course, gut instincts aren't 100% accurate, but they should be trusted. Children get these feelings also, but they may not know what to do with them. That is why it is very important to tell your

Dealing with Night Terrors

by Rosanne Lorraine November 18th, 2008| Preschool
Several hours after you put your child to bed, you hear a shill scream of "Mommy!" coming from his room. Frantically, you race toward his room to see him crying hysterically while curled up in his bed. But as you try to get closer, he pushes you away only to

If You Have the Time. . .

by Michele November 13th, 2008| Helpful Hints
As a mom of four children, I know how busy life can be. I always am trying to find five minutes to fit one more task into my day. Quite often I do this by compiling tasks: bringing clothes to the drycleaner on my way to the grocery store, quizzing

Making Memories

by Bea November 11th, 2008| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers
Most people cannot remember anything prior to the ages 2-4. This is because the hippocampus part of the limbic system has not been completely developed. The hippocampus is what stores memories, so because it is not fully developed, everything gets jumbled and you are not able to remember anything before

A Babysitter Follow-Up

by Michele November 6th, 2008| Helpful Hints
Recently, an article was posted on determining how much to pay a babysitter. With the thought of babysitting in mind, I wondered at what age is it acceptable for a person to start babysitting. I understand that the maturity of each individual will play a part in that determination, but

How To: Choose a Price for Babysitting

by Louise November 4th, 2008| Helpful Hints
As a babysitter, I know that picking the pay rate can be a delicate process. As stated in babysitters.com, these rates, by the hour, generally range from $5 to $15. There's quite a big gap between the two; it's important to settle on a number that both sides