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If You Have the Time. . .

by Michele | November 13th, 2008 | Helpful Hints

As a mom of four children, I know how busy life can be. I always am trying to find five minutes to fit one more task into my day. Quite often I do this by compiling tasks: bringing clothes to the drycleaner on my way to the grocery store, quizzing my son for a science test while preparing dinner, thinking about my next blog post while folding laundry.

TimeHowever, there are times when I remind myself that I need to let the world slow down for the benefit of my children. My ten year old daughter has an hour-long gymnastics lesson weekly. During the first few weeks I ran errands. She never seemed bothered by that.

After a couple weeks, I decided that I should stay during her class. Although I did bring my laptop, I spend at least half of the time watching her activities in class. Whenever she makes eye contact with me, I get the biggest smile from her. Obviously, she likes having Mom watch her in class.

So, now on Thursdays I don’t get two more errands completed on my to-do list, but I do make my daughter smile. Which is the better use of time? I am sure you know.

  1. wiregems says:

    Your post reminded me a little bit of me! I only have one child, but I’m self-employed and there never seems to be enough time to do everything. My son has a karate class after school every day, and on my one day off–Tuesday–I always make a point to go early to pick him up so I can watch him for awhile.

  2. renz says:


    I can totally relate to your daily activities.
    Being a stay at home mother is tough but I get by because of my daughter too.

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