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Making Memories

by Bea | November 11th, 2008 | Elementary, Infants/Toddlers

Most people cannot remember anything prior to the ages 2-4. This is because the hippocampus part of the limbic system has not been completely developed. The hippocampus is what stores memories, so because it is not fully developed, everything gets jumbled and you are not able to remember anything before the age of 2-4.

PhotoI wish that I had more pictures of my daily life and the special occasions during my early years. Now this feels almost awkward for a person of my age to be saying this, but I can understand why I do not have this “documentation” and how this problem may not exist anymore for the children at this point in time. The reason is digital cameras. When I was a kid, which was not that long ago, most people did not own a digital camera, or two, and film required a lot of effort. These days, people can take pictures without any worries and from what I have seen, parents do take a lot of pictures of their children.

What would have been cool for my parents to do is to create sort of a documentary of each of my years. Nothing big, but just a quick slideshow orPhotostory of the major events or my daily life. People can’t remember anything before 2-4, so it would be nice to see how my life was way back when. I would suggest parents create Photostories of their children. It is an extremely easy and free program to use that creates a really nice product. All you have to do is put your pictures (in order) into the program, add some music, add some captions, and perhaps add voice recordings. It will do all the panning and transitions. The final product is amazing and your children will love seeing themselves as babies– because they won’t know how it was!

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  2. AL says:

    You are right! I did that for my son. We only have photos not from digital camera. It is very important for parents to record the journey of their child’s life during their infancy and toddler years!

    Parents, keep up the good work!


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