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Being Thankful

by Michele | November 27th, 2008 | Helpful Hints

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, don’t forget to take the time and be thankful.  For many of us are day is filled with hectic activity.  Cooking, cleaning, making sure the kids are ready (for company or to travel), and more fill this holiday.

However, this day is based on the need to give thanks.  So, as a simple way to do this, when you sit down for dinner, before everyone begins to eat, ask each person to share one thing that he or she is grateful for.  Make sure everyone shares and also that everyone listens without commenting.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  1. Ari Tackitt says:

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a card … it’s a pleasure to “meet” you as it were. Your blog is very interesting, and very nicely designed.

    I like your idea about Thanksgiving sharing … did you have any particularly nice thoughts from anyone at your table this year?

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