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Choosing the Right Preschool

by Joe Lawrence March 24th, 2015| Preschool, School
This is the time of the year that many parents are considering their options for preschool or a kindergarten for their young ones. Depending on where you live, the options are numerous and daunting. I will tell you how we found our preschool and the things we are looking
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2 Parenting Pitfalls That Can Hold Children Back

by Joe Lawrence March 3rd, 2015| Preschool, School
We all want the best for our children, and we want them to succeed in life. Even though our hearts are in the right place, our actions do not always contribute to the end goal. I have seen in my own parenting how I have let early successes linger
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What is Your Preschooler Learning at School?

by Joe Lawrence December 30th, 2014| Preschool, School
As our children start their school journey in preschool, we have high hopes and expectations. We want them to come home reading, writing, and arithmetic-ing. However, we have the tendency to set the bar too high sometimes…at least I did.

I get very excited as the work day winds down
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Ways to Have Christmas Fun at Preschool

by R. Carnavale December 2nd, 2014| Preschool, School
Preschoolers will have a blast at school when they engage in Christmastime festivities. Pre-K students can practice their art and fine motor skills by using construction paper, crayons, markers, glitter and glue to make Christmas tree, star, wreath and stocking ornaments. The children can hang them on a Christmas

Ways to Have Halloween Fun at Preschool

by Margot F. October 28th, 2014| Preschool, School
Halloween is such a fun time for preschoolers. It’s a chance to dress up in their favorite costumes, play fun games and then have a tasty snack, what could be better? A preschool is a perfect place to use the theme of Halloween to learn basic shapes, read simple

Choosing a Preschool: What Does Your Child Think?

by T Akery September 9th, 2014| Preschool, School
As a parent, you have a specific wish list for what you want out of a Preschool. But there is one essential ingredient that you should consider when you make your decision. That is your Preschooler's reaction to the Preschool itself. While a place might fit all of your

Is Montessori Preschool Right for Your Child?

by Margot F. August 12th, 2014| Preschool, School
Montessori preschools are extremely popular in my urban community. The rooms are brightly coloured, clean and have gorgeous furniture. What is the Montessori Method? Is it appropriate for your child?

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) was an Italian physician and educator best known for her educational philosophy, which is used
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Waldorf Preschools Encourage Creativity

by Margot F. July 15th, 2014| Preschool, School
Welcome to Waldorf Preschool. Notice the cozy homelike environment complete with curtains, carpets, and lots of natural lighting. The furniture is comfortable and the classroom is well organized. The atmosphere is peaceful, helping the child feel relaxed and free to learn in a supportive environment. The teachers are caring

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy is Child Centered

by Margot F. June 17th, 2014| Preschool, School
The Reggio Emilia approach to teaching preschoolers is well established in Italy and popular in many large cities in North America. The philosophy is child centered and encourages direct family participation. Is a preschool based on this philosophy suitable for your child?

The Reggio Emilia approach is named after a

Preschool is for Every Child

by Margot F. May 20th, 2014| Preschool, School
Transitioning a child to preschool who needs extra support can seem like a daunting task, fortunately, it is worth the effort. My younger son has autism so I appreciate the challenges of enrolling a child with significant speech and behavioral issues into a community preschool. Planning early is the

Immersion Preschools, Proceed With Caution

by Margot F. April 22nd, 2014| Preschool, School
Language immersion preschools have become popular in recent years. Programs emphasizing French in Canada and Spanish in the United Stare are the most popular, although Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) preschools are also in demand. Are there different criteria for language based preschools versus regular preschools? Why would you
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Tutors for Preschoolers — Really?

by Margot F. March 25th, 2014| Preschool, School
Recently, in the local paper, there was an article about hiring tutors for preschoolers. At first I was puzzled. Why would you hire a tutor for a three- or four-year-old? Is it helpful? How common is the practice?

Although it is impossible to know how many young children are getting