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I’m Redshirting My Child

by Margot F. March 5th, 2014| Elementary, School
The term “redshirting” in academics refers to delaying an age-eligible child from starting Kindergarten. The practice can be controversial. How does a parent decide when to redshirt a child?

If the child is recovering from a serious illness or has been diagnosed with a developmental disability then it seems reasonable
kids soccer

3 Tips for Sports Safety

by Ronald A. Rowe February 26th, 2014| Elementary
It is a mystery as old as organized youth sports. How do we keep our kids safe when we turn them over to a coach whose goal it is to mold them into peak athletes capable of beating the kids on some other coach’s team? My lovely wife’s initial
ping pong

How to Tame the Television Obsession

by Tania Cowling February 19th, 2014| Elementary, Social
In my previous article, “Who Controls the TV Remote at Your Home?", we discussed the behavioral issues of kids who watch too much television – now it’s time to learn how to resolve this problem. Below are a few ideas to try with your children.

Centralize your television in

BooBoos Big and Small

by Tom Seman MD FAAP February 14th, 2014| Elementary
Children of all ages are busy, which at some point will result in injuries. Most often these are just some scrapes and bruises that are a little uncomfortable. However, sometimes they can be more serious. Young children are fearless, do not actually look at the possible dangers associated with

Behavior Decoded: Learning Disabilities

by Lori Sciame February 12th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Some disruptive or strange behaviors exhibited by elementary age children may be caused by a learning disability that has not yet been diagnosed.  Here's an example:

Eight-year-old Johnny can't sit still at the table. He says his shirt makes him jumpy, and that his socks make his feet tingle.  He
kids on playground

Transitioning to Kindergarten

by Margot F. February 5th, 2014| Elementary, School
This time of year, some parents start wondering about enrolling their child in kindergarten for the coming September. Is your child ready for kindergarten? What guidelines are there to help make a decision?

Most school districts post suggestions to consider when registering a child for kindergarten. Is the child’s birthday
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Who Controls the TV Remote At Your Home

by Tania Cowling January 22nd, 2014| Elementary, Social
The television -- you know, that screen in your living area that mesmerizes your child. It’s such a part of America's lifestyle with children even having their own televisions in their bedrooms. And, the Nielsen ratings show that the TV is on for more than seven hours a day
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Sleepover Safety

by Ronald A. Rowe January 15th, 2014| Elementary, Safety
Many parents worry about their children going to a sleepover at a friend’s house. But not as many give proper thought and concern to safety issues surrounding having your child’s friends sleep over at your house.

There are liability issues, among other things. You need to be concerned with not

Kids in Charge?

by Lori Sciame January 8th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
On a recent family outing, I noticed an elementary aged child put in charge.  While it's great to give a child this age a chance for self-expression, it's another thing to let him or her run the show.

Think about this example,  a group of 40 or so family members
mom n girl reading

Reading – Parents Can Help

by Margot F. January 1st, 2014| Elementary, School
“I hate reading!” Whether these words are exclaimed directly or indirectly through evasive behavior, encouraging an older child to read can be challenging, but possible.

The term “reluctant reader” refers to pupils who struggle with reading. There can be many reasons, including poor ability to decode words, problems comprehending the
boy giving

Ways Kids Can Share During the Holiday Season

by Tania Cowling December 25th, 2013| Elementary, Social
The holiday season is a perfect time to help children show they care about their world and the people they love. It’s also the time when kids think of fun and getting presents. Raising three children, I felt it’s never too early to teach them about caring and giving
boys on porch

Safety Training at Home

by Ronald A. Rowe December 18th, 2013| Elementary, Safety
Virtually all parents are concerned about the safety of their elementary-age children but few know what to do about it. Worrying doesn’t do much to keep our children safe. Despite the fervent wishes of more than a few moms that I know, we cannot wrap our children in bubble