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The Power is Out: How Do We Amuse the Kids?

by Tania Cowling May 21st, 2014| Elementary, Social
With tornadoes spurring and hurricane season in the near future, the power may go out more than we would like. This past winter was rough in many towns with snowstorms that ended the same way. So when the power fails, how do we amuse the kids? It’s bad enough

Bullying in Sports

by Ronald A. Rowe May 14th, 2014| Elementary, Safety
I recently had the opportunity to counsel with a tearful mother whose son was the victim of bullying.  The problems did not rise to the level of physical conflict but her 10-year-old son, we’ll call him “Aaron,” was suffering from continuous and demoralizing taunting from his baseball teammates.  Aaron

Manners Aren’t Old-Fashioned

by Lori Sciame May 7th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Lots of things change.  The toys elementary children yearned for 20 years ago have long been out of vogue.  The same holds true for which style of popular music they like.  Kids in my day loved the Bay City Rollers!  Even slang comes and goes. (When did sick become

How to Transition Successfully

by Margot F. April 30th, 2014| Elementary, School
The transition from elementary school to middle or high school is exciting and an important step in a child’s education. How can a parent help the child make this move successfully?

The grade a child leaves elementary school depends on the area you live in. For some, the elementary school
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How Green Are Your Kids?

by Tania Cowling April 23rd, 2014| Elementary, Social
Whether you live in the country or you’re a city dweller, it’s time to launch a conversation with your children about how to become eco-friendly and better the planet. If talking about the environment or the importance of going green has you stumped, here are a few ideas to

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

by Ronald A. Rowe April 16th, 2014| Elementary, School
Our world increasingly embraces the role of government in the duties of raising our children. Examples abound of parents abdicating their responsibilities one inch at a time and institutions usurping them as quickly as possible. There’s the school in Chicago that's banning home packed lunches, instead forcing children to

Patience, My Dear

by Lori Sciame April 9th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Over the past 100 years, expectations of a child have changed dramatically.  Long ago, children needed to entertain themselves for hours at time with simple items, such as jacks or a jump rope.  Now they demand to be entertained with TV, computers, and hand held games.  In addition, children

How to Choose a Tutor

by Margot F. April 2nd, 2014| Elementary, School
Are you concerned about your child’s academic progress? Would hiring a tutor be helpful? How do you find a tutor? What issues should you consider?

Firstly, decide why you want to hire a tutor. Are you concerned about remediation or maintenance? “Remediation” concentrates on addressing specific gaps in learning, usually
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Teaching Your Children About Citizenship

by Tania Cowling March 26th, 2014| Elementary, Social
We define a good citizen as a person who works with others to help make communities, schools, state, and country a safe place to live. And we try to teach our children to be responsible, kind, respectful, honest, and cooperative with others. We also teach them to demonstrate self-control
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Night Terrors

by Ronald A. Rowe March 19th, 2014| Elementary
We spend a lot of time here at Your Parenting Info discussing how to keep our elementary-age children safe from all manner of harm out there in the world. Today’s kids face stranger danger, bullying, peer pressure, sports and play injuries, contaminated food and water, poor role models, and
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Tips: Assertive vs. Aggressive

by Lori Sciame March 12th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Call to mind the timid wallflower. This child is painfully shy.  He never says a word; he only smiles and agrees with everything the people in his life say.  Now think about the budding bully who acts overly aggressive when playing a game in gym class or when pushing
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Children and Flu: Prevention and Treatment

by Tom Seman MD FAAP March 10th, 2014| Elementary
Every year, starting in the fall we hear the reports and recommendations that we, as a general public, should get our flu shots. But why? What makes us worry so much about this viral infection?

This viral infection has the rightful reputation of being a very serious disease. Between 1976