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I’m Redshirting My Child

by Margot F. March 5th, 2014| Elementary, School
The term “redshirting” in academics refers to delaying an age-eligible child from starting Kindergarten. The practice can be controversial. How does a parent decide when to redshirt a child?

If the child is recovering from a serious illness or has been diagnosed with a developmental disability then it seems reasonable
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Transitioning to Kindergarten

by Margot F. February 5th, 2014| Elementary, School
This time of year, some parents start wondering about enrolling their child in kindergarten for the coming September. Is your child ready for kindergarten? What guidelines are there to help make a decision?

Most school districts post suggestions to consider when registering a child for kindergarten. Is the child’s birthday
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Reading – Parents Can Help

by Margot F. January 1st, 2014| Elementary, School
“I hate reading!” Whether these words are exclaimed directly or indirectly through evasive behavior, encouraging an older child to read can be challenging, but possible.

The term “reluctant reader” refers to pupils who struggle with reading. There can be many reasons, including poor ability to decode words, problems comprehending the
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How to Survive Your Tween’s School Projects

by Tania Cowling December 12th, 2013| School, Tweens
School projects can be overwhelming to students and even parents. Teachers are looking for creative ideas, but don’t always present necessary instructions. Then tweens may want to present a huge project of their dreams and not have a clue how to begin. This is where parents come into play.

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Has Your Child Written to Santa Yet?

by Margot F. December 4th, 2013| Elementary, School
Has your child written a letter to Santa yet? Yes, it is that time of year when everyone rushes around looking for the perfect gift, attends school concerts and plans the family dinner on top of all the other tasks in the day. How can there be time to


by Ronald A. Rowe October 25th, 2013| Elementary, School
Since the atrocious events in the Bartow, FL bullying-suicide case have gotten national attention this week, every parent's thoughts have turn to the topic of bullying. It is hard for most of us to imagine a case as severe as the one that took place in Florida, yet if
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The Mobile Classroom

by Ronald A. Rowe July 31st, 2013| Elementary, School
Where does your child go to school? Wherever the physical Elementary School may be, that isn't a complete answer. At least, it isn't the complete answer to where your child is getting his or her education.

We recently went on a drive from Florida to Pennsylvania, back again, and then