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3 Fun Ways to Build World Knowledge

by Lori Sciame March 11th, 2015| Elementary, School
Helping a child to learn new things can be great fun.  The process doesn't always have to involve flash cards or worksheets.  If you have an elementary aged child, try one of the following three ways to enrich his or her learning experience.  I guarantee, you'll both have fun
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What’s Appropriate for School?

by Krysten Gouveia February 18th, 2015| Elementary, School
Life at home and life at school for children are two very different things. At home, children are allowed to watch, eat, and say certain things that other children may or may not be able to do depending on their own parent’s rules. However, at school there is one
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How to Determine If They Should Stay Home

by Ronald A. Rowe December 10th, 2014| Elementary, School
“Mom, I don’t feel good!”

Those five words have triggered a maelstrom of activity in virtually every household at one time or another.  Your elementary child wakes up complaining of a stomach ache.  Your mind whirls through a checklist to determine your next step.  Is she really sick?  Is that
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How to Juggle After School Activities

by Margot F. October 15th, 2014| Elementary, School
With school in session, many parents are interested in signing their child up for extra-curricular activities. Given everyone’s busy schedule, how do parents juggle working, childcare and after school activities?

Organization is important. Children at any age can help manage their own schedules.

In Kindergarten, printing a monthly calendar which is

Third Grade, Who Knew?

by Jennifer S. Rowe September 17th, 2014| Elementary, School
Well, parents, here we are again, another summer behind us and the new school year, right here, right now! Wow, time really does fly by, and if you have elementary age kids, there can be a number of things to juggle at the beginning, middle, and end of the

Is Montessori School Education Good for Your Child?

by Margot F. August 20th, 2014| Elementary, School
While Montessori preschools are common, there are only a few Montessori elementary schools and usually just in large urban centres. This is unfortunate because with beautiful learning materials and a structured programme to teach academics, many children would benefit from this system. What is the Montessori philosophy and is

Waldorf Students Are Creative & Self-Confident

by Margot F. July 23rd, 2014| Elementary, School
The education provided at a Waldorf school is child focused and intended to promote creativity, critical thinking and community involvement. Further, Waldorf educators say there is no bullying in their programs. What makes the Waldorf system different from conventional programs?

Waldorf Education is founded on the principles presented by the

How to Plan Your Elementary Kid’s Summer Fun Now

by Margot F. June 25th, 2014| Elementary, School
School is almost over and now is the time to look at summer activities for children ages five to 12. While children in daycare have activities planned, a child at home can also enjoy lots of fun during July and August. With a bit of planning, a parent can

Grads Are Fun!

by Margot F. May 28th, 2014| Elementary, School
Graduation is a time of celebration. Pupils graduating from elementary school deserve to have the event acknowledged by school officials and parents. In some areas, even graduation from Kindergarten is marked by a big celebration. How can you support your child appropriately?

In the 1990s, when my children finished Kindergarten,

How to Transition Successfully

by Margot F. April 30th, 2014| Elementary, School
The transition from elementary school to middle or high school is exciting and an important step in a child’s education. How can a parent help the child make this move successfully?

The grade a child leaves elementary school depends on the area you live in. For some, the elementary school

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

by Ronald A. Rowe April 16th, 2014| Elementary, School
Our world increasingly embraces the role of government in the duties of raising our children. Examples abound of parents abdicating their responsibilities one inch at a time and institutions usurping them as quickly as possible. There’s the school in Chicago that's banning home packed lunches, instead forcing children to

How to Choose a Tutor

by Margot F. April 2nd, 2014| Elementary, School
Are you concerned about your child’s academic progress? Would hiring a tutor be helpful? How do you find a tutor? What issues should you consider?

Firstly, decide why you want to hire a tutor. Are you concerned about remediation or maintenance? “Remediation” concentrates on addressing specific gaps in learning, usually