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Archives for November 2013

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Solution: Replace Stolen iPod?

by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil November 29th, 2013| Parenting Predicament
My son’s iPod got stolen earlier this year after he left it in his unlocked gym locker. I think he’ s learned his lesson, but I’m wondering if I should get him a new one for Christmas? What message would that send?

If he's learned his lesson it would be

Successful Middle School Dances

by Lori Sciame November 28th, 2013| School, Tweens
Sweaty palms.  Wildly beating heart. Churning stomach.  Tongue tied in painful knots. Imagine experiencing all these feelings while still trying to look cool and to fit in.  This scenario happens for hundred of thousands of tweens each year all across America.  What is this stress producing event?  The first
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When to Stop Breastfeeding

by T Akery November 27th, 2013| Care, Infants/Toddlers
There are many benefits to breastfeeding. But as children grow older, they start taking in the nutrients that breastfeeding provides on their own. Since every child is different, there is no right answer to the question of when to stop. However, there are some signs that signal the time
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Maintaining a Healthy Relationship: The Teen’s View

by Jacob P. November 26th, 2013| Social, Teen Perspective, Teens
As many people will tell you, one of the biggest learning experiences you will experience in high school is how to establish and maintain a healthy relationship.  The  vast majority of teenagers will enter their first "serious" relationship during their high school years.  I, personally, am in my first

Montessori Preschools: An Overview

by Jane Wangersky November 25th, 2013| Preschool, School
When you're looking for a preschool for your child, the name Montessori is almost bound to come up. It's likely there's a preschool in your area with the word Montessori in the name -- there's one in my town, as well as a Montessori program for elementary students in
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Parenting Hack: When Nothing Works

by Ronald A. Rowe November 22nd, 2013| Behavior, Elementary
With all the influences competing for our children’s attention and all the dangers lurking out there in the world it has never been harder to be a parent than it is right now. With all the resources available and the massive amounts of information at the click of a
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Competencies and Finals

by Sam P. November 21st, 2013| School, Teen Perspective, Teens
If you were to go back 10 or 20 years, every school gave finals.  And then a few years ago, the idea of competencies was proposed.  Many schools dropped finals and switched over completely to competencies.  Not my school.  We are just about the only school that has both
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Cold Treatments for Pregnant Women

by Jane Wangersky November 20th, 2013| Pregnancy
Although being pregnant can actually improve your health in some ways, it won't keep you from getting a cold this winter. The good news is that the cold won't affect your baby. Unfortunately, the medicines you're used to taking for cold symptoms might.

Pregnant women are warned again

Skin Protection for Tweens

by T Akery November 19th, 2013| Safety, Tweens
When your children were babies and toddlers, you probably always had a bottle of sunscreen on hand for their time playing out in the sun. But as your toddler grows, the sunscreen sometimes get shoved to the side and no longer becomes the priority that it once was. However,
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Predicament: Replace Stolen iPod?

by Editorial Team November 18th, 2013| Parenting Predicament
My son's iPod got stolen earlier this year after he left it in his unlocked gym locker. I think he' s learned his lesson, but I'm wondering if I should get him a new one for Christmas? What message would that send?
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Solution: Cover to Cover Kids’ Book Storage

by Shirley L. Moore November 15th, 2013| Parenting Predicament
I want my preschoolers to be comfortable with books, but I also want them to take care of them. Too many of ours end up on the floor getting stepped on. What's the best way to store books so they're easy to take out and easy to put away,
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Whose Responsibility Is It?

by Lori Sciame November 14th, 2013| Preschool, Safety
Preschoolers may not be helpless, but they do need a lot of care and attention.  When it comes to a little one's safety, it's not only parents who need to assume responsibility.  Law enforcement officials, fire fighters, teachers, relatives, and even neighbors must take part in keeping a young