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Archives for November 2012

Winter Safety for Toddlers

by T Akery November 14th, 2012| Infants/Toddlers
With temperatures dropping and the approach of the winter season, toddlers often get restricted to playing indoors. This is also the time of year that the heat gets turned on, space heaters are pulled out, wood stoves get lit, and numerous other home hazards appear. Wintertime can turn into

Not Sleeping: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. November 13th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Sleep and I are not exactly best friends. I am frequented by nights in which I have trouble falling asleep or am not tired when it's time to go to bed. As I write, it is 2:32 AM and I am not tired at all. My story is a

Online Encyclopedias a Great Resource

by Lori Sciame November 12th, 2012| Elementary
For years, elementary children across the United States relied on a cumbersome set of encyclopedias for information on the world around them. In fact, in hundreds of thousands of households, having a set of encyclopedias on a shelf in the living room had great meaning -- basically that the

Which Preschool Projects to Save

by T Akery November 9th, 2012| Preschool
Preschoolers bring home a lot of projects. At some point, the amount of paperwork becomes a little overwhelming. While you are proud of everything your preschooler has brought home, finding additional space among the toys, clothes, and other things is challenging. So here are a few tips on deciding

Date Plans

by Sam P. November 8th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
Now, I know I have already given you a variety of places to go on dates, but that was for the spring or summer. In the winter it's different. You can no longer go to the beach, or a lake, or the park. And it becomes much more difficult

Pregnancy and Antidepressants: One More Worry?

by Jane Wangersky November 7th, 2012| Pregnancy
"Expect to go through mood swings" and "Stay in a calm, happy mood for the good of your baby" are two of those contradictory pieces of advice that you get while you're pregnant. It seems they're saying that a pregnant woman's state of mind is both terribly important and

I’m Grown Up Now, Right?

by Ronald A. Rowe November 6th, 2012| Tweens
One of the many challenges facing parents of tweens is managing the rapidly evolving transition from child to... something else. Kids want to feel and act grown up -- in accordance with their own understanding of what it means to be grown up. Sometimes, that involves a tween overstepping

Predicament: Talking After Time Out

by Editorial Team November 5th, 2012| Parenting Predicament
I read that when you put a child in time out, you shouldn't talk about the problem behavior anymore once the time out is over. But what if he's too out of control to listen to me while he's actually doing it and being put in time out?

Solution: Cleaning Up

by Editorial Team November 2nd, 2012| Parenting Predicament
How do I get my five-year-old to clean up her toys off the living room floor without stopping to play with them, taking all night, or getting me to do it myself?

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development gives an example:

Andre uses an egg timer to let

Preschool Jobs

by T Akery November 1st, 2012| Preschool
Your preschooler typically has lots of fun learning the basics through a number of means. Craft projects, painting, coloring, and hands on manipulation are a few ways your preschooler gains experience in math, science, and reading. But there is one area that is directly geared toward teaching them responsibility