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Preschool Jobs

by T Akery | November 1st, 2012 | Preschool

Your preschooler typically has lots of fun learning the basics through a number of means. Craft projects, painting, coloring, and hands on manipulation are a few ways your preschooler gains experience in math, science, and reading. But there is one area that is directly geared toward teaching them responsibility and leadership skills. That is through assigning them weekly jobs.

The jobs are simple. Line leader, door holder, and supply passer are just a few jobs that your preschool teacher might assign to your preschooler. These jobs usually rotate on a weekly basis. Some weeks your preschooler could have several jobs, one right after another. Other weeks, your preschooler may go without a job so that everyone gets a turn.

What comes with those assignments is something a little special. For that week as line leader or door holder, your child is building several different skills which aren’t taught on paper. They are also learning how to be good leaders.

Holding the door open teaches patience, courtesy, and the fact that small jobs are important. They are also learning that being at the back of the line is just as important as being at the front, especially when they have a job to do. So, if your preschooler starts holding the door open for you because that is what they are doing at preschool, be proud of them and congratulate them on the exceptional job they are doing.

Line leaders have a position of responsibility. Pretty much every preschooler wants to be the line leader. They are the first. But they are also learning about taking charge, going in the right direction, and being confident in that direction. It is seen as a great responsibility along with a privilege. Your preschooler will usually beam with pride when assigned to this job.

Preschool jobs are about teaching your preschooler things that aren’t on paper. While these jobs may seem minor to you, they are very big for your preschooler. So when you find that they do have a job, encourage them to do their best and praise them for a job well done.

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