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Archives for August 2012

Tween Jobs

by T Akery August 31st, 2012| Tweens
Tweens can burn through a lot of cash in a short amount of time. Between the school supplies, clothes, entertainment demands, food, and other things, parents are constantly handing out the cash. But in order to instill some understanding of how money works, parents should begin establishing the idea

Disaster Preparedness for Kids

by Ronald A. Rowe August 30th, 2012| Elementary
Wherever you live you face the possibility of some type of disaster - natural or otherwise - that could potentially displace your family. Here we have the specter of hurricanes, but it could be tornados, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, zombie apocalypse, or whatever. Wherever you are and whatever your potential

End of Summer Checklist

by Sam P. August 29th, 2012| Teen Perspective, Teens
It is almost that time again, school! Nobody wants it to come, but at the same time we are all secretly wishing for it to come quick. And most of us are wishing this so we can see our friends. But in our last few days of summer, check

Pregnant Women Vs. Insects

by Jane Wangersky August 28th, 2012| Pregnancy
If you're pregnant in summer, you're already uncomfortable, and you probably feel you don't need insect bites to add to your troubles. But is it safe to use insect repellants during pregnancy? Pregnant women hear so many warnings against using chemicals (without clearing it with their doctors, anyway), that

Predicament: Does a 1-Year-Old Need Friends?

by Editorial Team August 27th, 2012| Parenting Predicament
Do one-year-olds need to be around other kids? Mine never wants to play with any. Is this too early to make friends?

Solution: Family History of Alcoholism

by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil August 24th, 2012| Parenting Predicament
When talking to my teens about drinking, should I let them know that two of their grandparents (now deceased) were alcoholics and that this caused problems for all of us?

Absolutely tell your teens there is alcoholism in the family. It is hereditary so they need to know this predisposition

Benefits of Grandparents

by Lori Sciame August 23rd, 2012| Elementary
My kids were lucky; they had four grandparents living in the same town. As a result, all four became a large part of their lives. Now that my youngest is 15, and one grandma recently passed, I am grateful they spent as much time as they did (and still

Helping with Insect Bites for Toddlers

by T Akery August 22nd, 2012| Infants/Toddlers
Insect bites are just a part of playing outside. Mosquitoes, ants, bees, and wasps are probably going to find your toddler. This leads to itchy spots that can turn into sores because of the constant scratching. It is best to treat these bites or stings right as they occur

Habits to Establish Now

by Lori Sciame August 21st, 2012| Preschool
As your child begins his or her journey in school, work to establish habits that will pay off for years to come. Learning is hard work, so you need to instill habits in him or her so that tackling the required tasks can be accomplished successfully. Everything from a

Eating: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. August 20th, 2012| Teen Perspective
There maybe be no childhood stereotype greater than that of the picky little kid. Everyone has seen at least one little kid wrinkle their nose at food, dismayed at the lack of mac and cheese or chicken fingers. Both of my little sisters could fit that stereotype perfectly at

Back to (Middle) School

by Ronald A. Rowe August 17th, 2012| Tweens
Back to School time is almost upon us already. For parents of tweens, that means that means a jumbled mix of emotions as we send our children out into the unknown world of Middle School. Middle School is the toughest test yet of your child's ability to stay focused

Older Moms-to-Be: Get Informed, Not Obsessed

by Jane Wangersky August 16th, 2012| Pregnancy
As I wrote last time, a pregnant woman over the age of 35 finds herself being treated a little differently from a younger mother-to-be. Though a little more caution is warranted in a pregnancy at this age, it can also be annoying or, worse, a source of