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Archives for 2008

Bedtime Conversations

by Michele October 22nd, 2008| Elementary
Recently, I wrote about the benefits of eating dinner at a restaurant. The lack of household influences (computers, neighborhood friends, lingering projects) allows for a relaxed environment and from this, good conversation can flow.

There is another location that I find encourages conversation even better, and it is free. That location

The Value of Dinner at a Restaurant

by Michele October 16th, 2008| Elementary
I love to cook and have shared this love with all four of my children. However, there are benefits to the occasional family dinner at a restaurant.

As I enjoy cooking, having someone else make dinner for me isn't really a benefit. But having someone else clear the table and

Interested in Homeschooling?

by Rosanne Lorraine October 15th, 2008| Elementary
It is estimated that between 50,000 and 150,000 children ages 5-16 are educated at home. This number is steadily increasing as parents realize the benefits of homeschooling. Children who are educated at home, either alone or in small groups, can have more individualized attention compared to children in a traditional

Teach your Kids to Remain Safe

by Rosanne Lorraine October 7th, 2008| Helpful Hints
By the age of three, it is important for you to teach your kids on how they can remain safe. You should particularly concentrate on road safety. Show them places where they can play securely, and point out places they should avoid. Letting them know why busy roads are dangerous

College Saga

by Bea October 2nd, 2008| Teens
This is my first year at college. I'm also the first one out of the family's kids to leave for this new stage of my life. This is supposed to be the start of an adventure for me; one in which I start to know what it feels like to

Little Boys Out of Control?

by Lisa Stauber September 30th, 2008| Infants/Toddlers

I have four boys. Sometimes, they are so sweet they can melt your heart. Sometimes, they are bouncing off the walls, and it seems they've forgotten every rule you've ever made! What's a parent to do? Certainly follow through with your usual consequences, such as time out. But then

The Bedtime Routine

by Louise September 25th, 2008| Helpful Hints
Sleep is definitely one of the most important things in a child's day. A child who does not get a sufficient amount of sleep is likely to have more trouble concentrating. Consequently, lack of sleep also can lead to poor behavior. It is important to note that the amount of

Parenting and Chicken Nuggets

by TK September 24th, 2008| Helpful Hints
Generally speaking, I have semi-adventuresome eaters in my four kids. My wife and I are foodies to the nth degree- we eat everything and will try cooking in any style. So, our children get all of our experiments. But sometimes when you are at a restaurant, nothing saves you as

Help Your Child Become Disciplined Money-Wise

by Rosanne Lorraine September 23rd, 2008| Elementary
Nowadays, a lot of people are struggling financially because of the downturn in the economy. Consumer spending is curbed because people are saving their money for rainy days. But for moms and dads, the situation can become complicated when they are shopping with the kids. Parents always think twice before

Bending the Rules

by Michele September 17th, 2008| Tweens
My husband and I took two of our children shopping for new school clothes this past weekend. As they are both middle school students, they both are fashion conscious. However, I am not willing to spend an exorbidant amount of money on clothing that they will outgrow in a few

Parenting and Being An Entrepreneur

by TK September 16th, 2008| Elementary
Our sister publication, The Entrepreneur's Bible, has a great article about how parenting is like being part of a start-up. If you are a parent and business person, you may find it an interesting read. It could give you a whole new perspective on your work as a

Read, Read, Read

by Michele September 10th, 2008| Helpful Hints
As the school year is beginning, many parents are asking what they can do to help their children grow in learning. The answer that most teachers will give is simply, "Read."

As we all know, reading is important, but it often takes a backseat to playdates, music lessons, and practices