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Read, Read, Read

by Michele | September 10th, 2008 | Helpful Hints

As the school year is beginning, many parents are asking what they can do to help their children grow in learning.  The answer that most teachers will give is simply, “Read.”

As we all know, reading is important, but it often takes a backseat to playdates, music lessons, and practices for sports.  Reading should be a part of your child’s daily schedule. The easiest way to make reading a normal part of your child’s day is to do this from infancy.  Yes, even little babies that don’t crawl or speak can listen to an adult reading a book.

However, it is never too late to create a daily reading time.  Here are some hints to help encourage reading in your home:

  • Initially read with your child.  Find a book that you both will enjoy.  Have your child read a few words or sentences (depending on age) to be part of the reading.
  • Set aside a portion of time (10 – 20) minutes in which everyone reads.
  • Let your child choose reading materials of interest to her, whether it is a comic book, back of the cereal box, or a magazine.  As long as she is reading, the material doesn’t matter.
  • Discuss books with your children, even if you haven’t read the book previously.  Ask about the plot, have your child predict what will happen next.
  • As the adult, make sure you read also.  Being a role model can spark action.
  • Create a time earned system, in which your child is allowed x amount of screen time for x amount of reading time (reading first, of course!)

Try these tips, and you should see more reading taking place!

  1. I just went to my daughters, who is in 3rd grade this year,
    Open House at her school. And the teacher said they should be reading at least 15 min. a day. I know it is important, but sometimes it is hard to fit in with everything else they have to do. I really should try to get my kids to read more.

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