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Bedtime Conversations

by Michele | October 22nd, 2008 | Elementary

Recently, I wrote about the benefits of eating dinner at a restaurant. The lack of household influences (computers, neighborhood friends, lingering projects) allows for a relaxed environment and from this, good conversation can flow.

There is another location that I find encourages conversation even better, and it is free. That location is your child’s bedroom, specifically at bedtime. As a parent of four children, some of my best and most thoughtful conversations have been one-on-one in a specific child’s bedroom.

Although asked about school when arriving home, like most kids, the answer is a typical, “Not much.” However, many times when it is just myself and that child in her room, stories are shared. Tales of friends being nice or mean are shared within the confines of her own room. Or perhaps, there is a private question to be asked. With only me, the four walls, and that child, he is able to ask for an answer.

So, each night when our kids are ready for bed, my husband and I head to each room for a hug and a kiss. Usually, one of us lingers a bit more than the other, and there is an opportunity for individual conversation. Whether there is conversation or not, it is a wonderful way to the end day.

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