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A Delicious Family Activity

by Michele | August 27th, 2008 | Elementary

On this past Sunday, we took a leisurely hike at a nearby lake with two of our children.  During the hike we discussed dinner for the night, a new meal we wanted to try.  Both kids were excited about this meal and immediately asked to assist with cooking.  The kids are 10 and 12, so they can be very helpful during meal preparation. . .as long as they aren’t bickering over which job each gets to do.

After a trip to the grocery store, it was time to begin our kitchen work.  To prevent any possible arguments, we divided into teams.  My daughter and I began making the chicken-friend steak:  I pounded the steaks, and she sprinkled the seasonings on each.  Once all of the steaks had been browned and were simmering, we turned our attention to the homemade biscuits.  Together we measured, blended, patted, and cut the  biscuit dough.  (To read the recipe for our Cinnamon Biscuits, visit our sister site, Tasty Thoughts.)

Across the kitchen, my husband and son were busy with the preparation of onion rings.  They worked in tandem, with one slicing onions while the other made the coating batter for the rings.  As the onion were deep-friend, my husband did all of the frying while our son prepped each batch.

Happily, we had coordinated the times of everything well, and the dishes were ready for serving at the same time.  The food was delicious, especially for the kids, as they took pride in knowing they had helped to make this dinner.

An afternoon of exercise, an hour of harmonious cooking for four, and a delectable dinner.  What more could one request as an end to the weekend?

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