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Archives for 2008

The Power of Reading

by LJ Dovichi April 9th, 2008| Helpful Hints
I love to read and when I had my son, I stocked up on lots of children's books so I could impart my love of reading onto him. When he was three months old, we started with cloth picture books, the ones that crinkled and beeped with chewable corners. I

Eating Out With Kids – Should you or shouldn’t you?

by Lee Ann April 9th, 2008| Elementary, Infants/Toddlers

Should parents dine out with their kids or not? While many adults prefer to dine out without children in the restaurant, parents are more likely to bring their children along when they eat

Potty Trained!

by Melissa April 2nd, 2008| Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
This week I have been celebrating my three-year-old daughter's completion of the potty training process. It has been almost a year since she first she had shown interest in using the potty. As a matter of fact, she even had gone all by herself many times and
hot cocoa

Snow Day!

by Michele March 28th, 2008| Tweens
Spring has arrived according to the calendar. However, I awoke to the announcement of no school today due to snow. So, on this fine Friday morning, the children are playing inside while I type away beside the fireplace.

Now that there is no school, the clamor begins for electronic