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Baby Monitors for Safety & Peace of Mind

by R. Carnavale November 10th, 2014| Pregnancy
If you're like many soon-to-be moms, you probably are thinking about all of the ways you can prepare to make your home safe for your new baby. Unless you plan on keeping your baby with you wherever you go in your home and yard, you'll want to be able

Not Just Morning Sickness: Hyperemesis Gravidarum

by Jane Wangersky October 27th, 2014| Pregnancy
The Duchess of Cambridge has once again put hyperemesis gravidarum in the news, and even someone who knew nothing about it would have learned a couple of facts just by following her story: It's debilitating enough to make a woman cancel her daily activities, and it doesn't go away

Halloween Costumes for Early Pregnancy

by Jane Wangersky October 13th, 2014| Pregnancy
It’s time once again for pregnant women to think about dressing up for Halloween, whether they’re hitting a party or just handing out treats at the front door. Lately, the trend has been to embrace your changing shape and make it part of the costume -- my favorite is

Getting Ready to Breastfeed: Inverted Nipples

by Jane Wangersky September 29th, 2014| Pregnancy
Last time I mentioned some ways you’ll need to prepare if you’re planning to breastfeed, including dealing with inverted nipples if you have them. This time we’ll look at that subject more closely.

Inverted nipples can make breastfeeding harder, but they don’t usually make it impossible. Though the

Getting Ready to Breastfeed: Do’s and Don’ts

by Jane Wangersky September 15th, 2014| Pregnancy
There’s nothing quite like breastfeeding your baby, so you can never be completely prepared for it before you have to do it -- but a lot of things in life are like that. And, as with a lot of things in life, there are plenty of things you can

Preterm Birth: Partly Preventable

by Jane Wangersky September 1st, 2014| Pregnancy
I’ve written about the time I thought I was going into labor at seven months. Though that was a false alarm, preterm labor is always a possibility for pregnant women -- one in eight babies in the U.S. is born before 37 weeks’ gestation. (A full term pregnancy

Creative Space for Expressing Milk at Work

by Jane Wangersky August 18th, 2014| Pregnancy
If you’re planning to go back to work before you stop breastfeeding your baby, you’re likely aware that your employer is required by law to give you time and space to express your breast milk. (This goes for employers with 50 or more workers; smaller companies can’t be held

West Nile Virus and Pregnancy: The Good News

by Jane Wangersky August 4th, 2014| Pregnancy
West Nile Virus is a nasty bug, with symptoms that can range from something like flu to actual paralysis -- combined with pregnancy, it’s a frightening possibility. Yet, while researching this article, I found that pregnant women have less to fear from West Nile Virus than they might expect.

Pregnant Women: Helpful Info You May Have Missed

by Jane Wangersky July 21st, 2014| Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a time for learning, both the things you can learn only by experiencing them and those you can be taught, or teach yourself. Still, as I’ve noted before, it’s all too easy to miss something as you try to handle all that new information. So

Moms-to-Be: What to Heat Before You Eat

by Jane Wangersky July 7th, 2014| Pregnancy
I once read a novel where the narrator suspected another character was pregnant after seeing her eat the fat off a ham. There’s no predicting what you may crave during pregnancy, but if you find yourself longing for ham, or any other cured meat, you’ll need to heat it

Women’s Fertility — Health and Lifestyle

by Jane Wangersky June 23rd, 2014| Pregnancy
Recently, we looked at how a man’s lifestyle and health can affect his ability to father children -- how drinking, smoking, obesity, and other factors such as illness can make a man infertile. This is important, as a third of all fertility problems stem from the male

Pregnant This Summer? Stay Cool and Healthy

by Jane Wangersky June 9th, 2014| Pregnancy
Everyone wants to stay cool in summer, and no one more than a pregnant woman. But for her, it’s a matter of health and safety as well as comfort. According to the EPA, an increase in the mother’s core body temperature can affect the baby, especially during the first