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What to Teach Children About Fighting

by Joe Lawrence December 9th, 2015| Elementary, Social
“I do not want to see you starting a fight, but you better end it!” This was the advice of my father when I was in school; however, is it still relevant today?

I was am the youngest of five and have three older brothers, fighting was not a foreign
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Is Organic Food Really Safer?

by Joe Lawrence November 25th, 2015| Elementary, Safety
Safety of our children is the number one thought parents have. We are constantly reading and learning about new products and those we use every day in order to ensure they are safe. One such safety concern is the food we feed our children.

There are more and more people
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Cooking With Kids – Just the Basics

by Gary Hays November 18th, 2015| Elementary, Seasonal
We all have one thing in common. We like to eat. As young children, most of us never gave a second thought to the preparation time that went into the meals we were served. We just knew that come supper time, our hunger would be appeased with a delicious
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I Am Not to Be an Entertainer to My Children

by Joe Lawrence November 11th, 2015| Elementary, Entertainment
“How are we going to keep the kids entertained while we <insert scenario here>?” is a question we tend to ask ourselves often. I wonder if our parents cared as much about how to entertain us as we do today. In hindsight, I would say they did not.

It never
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The Elementary Years – Guide With Care

by Gary Hays November 4th, 2015| Elementary, School
Much of a child’s early development takes place not at home, but rather at school, where they spend a great majority of their time, hopefully learning the academics, but more so learning the socialization skills that will ultimately carry them through into their adult lives. Elementary school is where
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Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Issues

by Joe Lawrence October 21st, 2015| Behavior, Elementary
Behavior issues seem to be the constant issue that parents face on a regular basis. Kids are awesome and can make you feel you so proud when they do great things. However, they can also make you feel like a failure when you are not able to get them
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How to: Start Teaching Kids about the Beautiful Game

by Editorial Team October 18th, 2015| Elementary
Have you ever watched football coaches standing on the side lines of important games? They’ll hop on the spot, bellow to players and turn red as spittle flies from their mouths. In essence, they are the most ferocious armchair football players in the world.

Now look at how the manager

Goblins, Ghosts, and Ghouls!

by Gary Hays October 14th, 2015| Elementary, Seasonal

Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls! Traditionally quiet neighborhood streets are about to be placed under siege by throngs of costume wearing youngsters in their quest at filling their trick or treat bags to the rim. In the excitement of them zig-zagging across streets, more mindful of which house to descend
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3 Social Skills Learned from Sports

by Joe Lawrence October 7th, 2015| Elementary, Social
Social skills are something that everyone needs to survive in this world today. It is especially important to learn them while in elementary school. This is why sports and extra-curricular activities are a great thing.

It is amazing to think that my kindergartner has a more active social life than
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3 Tips for Homework Completion

by Joe Lawrence September 23rd, 2015| Elementary, School
Elementary children are bombarded with commitments and responsibilities at an early age. They are being pulled in many directions with extra-curricular activities and home commitments. Not to mention getting daily homework assignments.

To be completely upfront, I am against 90% of the homework assignments that children receive. For the most
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Walking to School – One Neighborhood at a Time

by Gary Hays September 16th, 2015| Elementary, Safety
At one time in the not too distant past, it was not uncommon to see hordes of children wandering through neighborhood streets in search of fun and new adventures. They were everywhere. And if these same children lived within a mile of their school, they walked, or bicycled, or
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3 Ways to Make Libraries Exciting for Children

by Joe Lawrence September 9th, 2015| Elementary, Entertainment
Libraries are somehow hanging on during the Information Age that we are in nowadays. Just because it is an archaic establishment does not mean we can’t try to make it exciting for our children.

Let’s be honest, libraries are not as useful as they once were 30 years ago. In