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Tweens and Anxiety

by Ronald A. Rowe December 25th, 2014| School, Tweens
One of the many challenges facing parents of Tweenagers is to differentiate between a significant issue and “just being a Tween.”  One area that has confounded parents in this generation is the issue of Tween anxiety.  At the age when peer pressure and social conventions begin to weigh heavily

Convincing Tweens: School is Fun

by Lori Sciame October 23rd, 2014| School, Tweens
Tweens either proclaim to either love or hate people, places, or things.  It's the age where drama and emotions rule; therefore, it's your job to keep a tween convinced that school, including learning, is fun.  While school might require a child to complete homework and tests, he or she

Tween School Success Tips

by Lori Sciame September 25th, 2014| School, Tweens
Cooks rely on recipes to guarantee successful outcomes.  Why?  The recipes they employ are tried and true.  In essence, the steps to a glorious main dish have stood the test of time.  Parents can rely on guidelines, or recipes, as well.  They can use time tested tips to help
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Help Your Tween Fit in at School

by Lori Sciame August 28th, 2014| School, Tweens
Tweens yearn to fit in at school.  It's an awkward time.  As outlined by the American School Counselor Association, children at this age must learn to cope with bodily changes, work on social skills, become adept at handling peer pressure, and develop personal interests and goals.  Add in the

Tackling Back to School with Tweens

by Lori Sciame July 31st, 2014| School, Tweens
Every stage of human development has its own unique characteristics, the tween years included. For instance, these young people struggle with emerging independence, as well as changing bodies.  For them, being a tween is both a scary and an exciting time.  As a parent, you can help your tween

Summer School Rules! Vacation Learning for Tweens

by Lori Sciame July 3rd, 2014| School, Tweens
Another school year has ended. No more missed school busses or forgotten sack lunches.  No more misplaced backpacks or last minute homework assignments.  It's almost too good to be true ... well, at least for a week or so.  Just when a parent thinks he or she can relax

How About Dress Codes for Parents?

by Tania Cowling June 5th, 2014| School, Tweens
Many schools across the country have dress codes and/or uniforms for their students. In my city, it is mostly for elementary, middle school, and some private school children. Just a few weeks ago, Broward County, Florida made the national news when a school board member addressed the board about

Are School Computers Ergonomically Friendly?

by Tania Cowling May 8th, 2014| School, Tweens
My friend’s Tween came home from middle school complaining of a neck ache and his eyes hurting. We weren’t quite sure what to make of this -- does he need glasses?  Did he pull a muscle? Is this the beginning of a headache syndrome? After cross-examining him with questions,
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I Have Nothing to Wear to School

by Tania Cowling April 10th, 2014| School, Tweens
How many times have you heard this statement from your Tween? It’s been an issue too many times in my home, mostly with my daughter. The boys were happy with a few special shirts and jeans, but my daughter kept moaning that she was a total outcast because she
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Helping Tweens Negate School Nightmares

by Tania Cowling March 13th, 2014| School, Tweens
Throughout the years my three children had their fair share of school nightmares. With my husband in corporate construction we moved a lot, uprooting the kids every two years, even in the middle of a school semester. The kids faced new schools, being the new kid in class, trying
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A Charter or Magnet School: Right for Your Tween?

by Tania Cowling February 13th, 2014| School, Tweens
So your Tween is in a public middle school and that’s okay, but what if she wants to pursue a special interest like the fine arts or a math/science curriculum? Can your public school accommodate this type program? Did you know you may have options in your area? Have
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Curbing Test Anxiety in Tweens

by Tania Cowling January 9th, 2014| School, Tweens
How does your Tween feel about taking tests? Does he become jittery, feel butterflies in his stomach, or actually feel nauseous? He could be suffering from test anxiety. Yes, it's a real thing! In Florida, children study throughout the school year for the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test). It’s