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Archives for April 2011

Understanding Stuttering in Preschoolers

by Lori Sciame April 29th, 2011| Preschool
When your child speaks his or her first words, you feel excited and proud. And pretty soon, it seems as if new words are added daily to his or her vocabulary. This period of language growth offers insight into your child's personality, and it helps determine whether

Different Hairstyles: From A Teen’s Perspective

by Sam P. April 28th, 2011| Teen Perspective
I just recently got a very big haircut. I was a little nervous at first, but I talked to my mom and my step-dad and they encouraged me to get it cut. They said that you only live once and that hair will grow back. I am very glad

S107G Remote Control Helicopter Product Review

by Ronald A. Rowe April 27th, 2011| Product reviews
Most days, working as a writer involves searching for clients, mining the depths of the human psyche for inspiration, and struggling to find the perfect word to convey an emotion like "getting exactly what you expected but still being disappointed with what you got." Not last Thursday, though. Last

Crayola Washable Colored Bubbles

by T Akery April 25th, 2011| Product reviews
Usually, Crayola churns out some pretty good products. So when Crayola introduced their washable bubbles, it was natural that both parents and kids were excited about this new product. That was until they bought it. After one play session, parents quickly found the color bubbles not quite what they

Head Lice – Common and Curable

by Lori Sciame April 22nd, 2011| Elementary
Several years ago, my child introduced me to a new "friend." This friend's name? Pediculosis, a.k.a. head lice. I must admit, I was taken aback. I never had head lice as a child, and I don't remember any friends having it either.

Those “Help!” Moments

by Jacob P. April 20th, 2011| Teen Perspective
As I have mentioned in many other articles, I babysit as a way to earn money to do the things I do. In several years of babysitting, nothing bad has happened while watching the kids. Last weekend, while watching my cousins, one of them vomited during the night. So,

5 Qualities Your Preschool Should Have

by T Akery April 18th, 2011| Preschool
There is a difference between average preschools and excellent preschools. It can be hard to determine the difference by looks alone. The colorful signs and bright advertisements are designed to draw parents in. But there are five essential qualities that should be investigated before signing up your child. Price

Wooden Building Blocks

by T Akery April 15th, 2011| Preschool, Product reviews
The fascination of building often starts at an early age as toys are often piled on top of each other and then destroyed in the next minute. The beauty of wooden building blocks is that they last quite a long time and can withstand the destructive power unleashed upon

Kid’s Sports: Teen Perspective

by Louise April 14th, 2011| Teen Perspective
I was recently reminiscing about the sports I was involved in as a younger kid. I only realized how many there were after formally writing out the list: dance (tap and ballet), soccer, gymnastics, running, skiing, swimming, basketball, softball, and volleyball. It may sound like I was all over

Kindergarten Readiness

by Ronald A. Rowe April 13th, 2011| Elementary
Things sure have changed when it comes to the expectations on incoming kindergartners. And I don't mean from the time I was in kindergarten back in the Pre-Cambrian Era. I mean since my first son hit the elementary age five years ago. Even as recently as that, kindergartners came

Toilet Training Testimonial

by Lori Sciame April 11th, 2011| Infants/Toddlers
Raising three children presented many challenges, including the task of potty training. When I look back at that particular chore, the memory of advice given to me by my son's doctor still makes me smile.

The advice came when my son was almost three and still showed no interest

Travel by Airplane: Teen’s Perspective

by Jacob P. April 6th, 2011| Teen Perspective
As I type this, I am sitting in terminal B at Baltimore-Washington Airport in Maryland, waiting to fly back to the lovely, frigid state of New Hampshire. We (my family) are finishing up a whirlwind trip to visit my step-siblings and to visit Loyola University in Baltimore. At Loyola,