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5 Qualities Your Preschool Should Have

by T Akery | April 18th, 2011 | Preschool

There is a difference between average preschools and excellent preschools. It can be hard to determine the difference by looks alone. The colorful signs and bright advertisements are designed to draw parents in. But there are five essential qualities that should be investigated before signing up your child. Price alone will not guarantee the type of service you get. You should always take a tour, meet the teachers, and check out the facilities.

  1. The first essential quality you should consider with a preschool is parent recommendations. The parents of previous preschoolers can often give you the best insight on how well they and their child liked the preschool. Excellent preschools will generate really high remarks from parents. You should also check into the online reviews.
  2. The second quality is the teachers. You should start by requesting to meet the teachers to get your impressions of them. You should ask them the education goals, discuss potential problems, and introduce your child to gauge their response. Follow your instincts on the teacher. If you don’t like them or they refuse to answer your questions, then this is not your preschool.
  3. The third quality is the goals of the preschool program. Ideally, you want your child to learn certain things in a preschool setting. Ask about the type of learning they do, whether it’s through play only or if it has some structure. If the preschool doesn’t match up with what you want them to learn, then it is not the preschool for you, even if the recommendations are high. You are in control of your child’s education, and it starts at the very beginning.
  4. The fourth quality is the ability to visit the classroom at any time or any hour with only the stipulation that you sign into the office. This allows you to check on your child. If you feel there maybe problems, then a surprise visit can sometimes clear things up. Also, you want a preschool that encourages parent involvement. This shows that they aren’t hiding anything.
  5. The fifth quality is their ability to deal with potential issues with your child. For example, the teacher might encourage a very shy child to communicate, even if it is through whispers. Separation anxiety is another big issue that affects preschoolers, and the school should have a plan on dealing with that as well. It is important to talk with teachers about your child and figure out the best means to handle their individual issues. Just don’t expect the issues to be resolved overnight. It will take some time to get your preschooler used to going to preschool, talking to their teachers, or playing with other kids.

Of course, there are many other things to consider when considering a preschool, but these things top the list in terms of comparing the qualities of preschools. The most important quality is to choose what is right for both you and your child.

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