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Those “Help!” Moments

by Jacob P. | April 20th, 2011 | Teen Perspective

As I have mentioned in many other articles, I babysit as a way to earn money to do the things I do. In several years of babysitting, nothing bad has happened while watching the kids. Last weekend, while watching my cousins, one of them vomited during the night. So, I am writing a piece on what to do when something unexpected happens.

First, let me give my story of what happened. I was watching them for the evening. It had been going well. We went outside and played baseball, and they used their bikes. Then, we went in and watched TV while I cooked a frozen pizza. Once it was ready, we sat down and the older of my cousins said he wasn’t hungry. Because he is picky, I told him to eat a few bites and sent him along. We watched more TV, and they began to fall asleep, so I told them to go up to bed. I jogged up the stairs and got their toothbrushes out while they moseyed up. After about 45 seconds, I had a feeling something was up. As I turned the corner on the stairs, I saw my cousin vomit. I sprinted down and grabbed him. I proceeded to rush him up the stairs to the bathroom. There, he vomited again. Then I called my aunt and promptly informed her of what just happened. Finally, I put the kids to bed with a bucket next to my cousin.

Now, I don’t know if this was exactly the right way to go about handling the situation. Every problem has many solutions, but it was what I did at the time seemed to be the most viable option. When you end up in these type of scenarios, all you need to do is remain calm, think, and carry out the best option. If you don’t know what to do, contact an adult you trust. Finally, make sure you don’t freeze up or panic, as either one can be nasty.

There are some situations that make you want to yell, “Help!” Don’t, just stay calm and act as calmly as you can.

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