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Archives for January 2010

Best Children’s Chapter Book Series

by TK January 28th, 2010| Elementary
Instilling the love of reading into a child is one of the greatest lifetime gifts any parent can give his child. People who read are more engaging, make better money, and live fuller lives. (There are countless studies that back up those facts.) But getting a child something that

Stop Your Baby from Being a Pacifier Junkie

by Joe Lawrence January 26th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
"Wah, Wah, Wah!" are the sounds flooding the baby monitor as we jump from the bed at 1 am. I rush into the bedroom to find her fast asleep but crying frantically. I pick her up and rock her,check her diaper and nothing gives. Finally, I give her a

Is Your Child Manipulating You?

by Gumer Liston January 21st, 2010| Elementary
There are times when we feel that our children are out to undermine our authority; they seem to do things intentionally that are obviously not allowed just to see how parents react. Are children naturally manipulative? I think that the answer is NO. When children do things that can

As Good as Video Games Get

by Ronald A. Rowe January 19th, 2010| Elementary
I'm not a big fan of video games. In general, they are counter to socialization and imagination. They're borderline addictive. I've seen kids get so wrapped up in Halo that they lost all sense of time and what was going on around them.

And so I was less than enthusiastic when

The Nurturing Parent

by Gumer Liston January 14th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
Every child has the need to be loved, this is something that every parent should know. Every parent should be a nurturing parent. But how do we make our children know that we love them? Things as complex as love easily can get lost in translation in the equation

Another Trip to the ER

by Ronald A. Rowe January 12th, 2010| Elementary
The one certainty in parenting is that anything can happen. Some days just don't end up the way you thought they would. Case in point: when I got up Thursday morning, I never imagined that it would be almost 36 hours before I saw home again. If I'd known,

The After Christmas Return Rush!

by Jacob P. January 7th, 2010| Elementary, Preschool, Teen Perspective, Teens
Every year, after Christmas, families rush to the mall to return unwanted, unloved, or duplicate gifts. Now, this seems normal, but many kids don't tell you what they really dislike, and others are just rude when they tell you this.

Many kids don't tell anyone if they received an item

Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center Is a Must Have!

by Joe Lawrence January 5th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
My last article for this site was titled, I NEED that! I have discovered one luxury item we have that we actually could not live without. You guessed it, the Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center.

This beauty is a modern day design for the traditional swing. Instead of the back