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The Nurturing Parent

by Gumer Liston | January 14th, 2010 | Infants/Toddlers

Every child has the need to be loved, this is something that every parent should know. Every parent should be a nurturing parent. But how do we make our children know that we love them? Things as complex as love easily can get lost in translation in the equation of human relationships. That is why becoming a nurturing parent is not really easy to achieve. It takes many different interactions over the course of time to develop a healthy and nurturing relationship with your child. There is no fixed rule in parenting because every family is unique, so parents need to have a “feel” for how it’s done. But some general tips could help parents navigate through the difficult years of nurturing a child, here they are:

  • Parents must make their children feel loved and secure. This is not really easy to achieve even when you honestly love your children because the love and security you want to give may not always be effectively demonstrated by simply providing your children with every material thing they need, by showering them with gifts, or by being always there for them. It takes more than that.
  • Parents can strengthen their relationship with their children effectively by making their children feel that they are being loved even during the times when they are scolded for doing something bad. Discipline also does not need to be physical. There are many ways to discipline a child aside from using the rod.
  • It is important to praise your children’s achievements and encourage them to achieve more; it will make a big difference to their lifelong success, their happiness, and their self-actualization.

Parenting is not easy, every child is unique. So, no matter how many times you have become a parent it is always a first time for every child who comes your way.

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