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Archives for November 2009

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How Old Is Old Enough?

by Ronald A. Rowe November 25th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
One of the many daunting challenges of parenting is knowing when a child is old enough to [fill in the blank]. Dating, riding the bus, walking to the store alone, seeing a PG movie, having a sleepover, playing sports... there seems no end to the list of topics that

Singin’ in the Rain

by Louise November 23rd, 2009| Elementary
Not too many years ago, parents might have had trouble keeping their kids entertained (and not climbing on the walls) when it was raining outside. With all of today's electronics, a rainy day does not seem to present itself as a problem anymore. Children have computer games, board games, video

While Waiting for the Turkey. . .

by Michele November 20th, 2009| Helpful Hints, Tweens
When Thanksgiving arrives, there tends to be a flurry of action, chopping, mixing, baking, and more, for the adults.  But what about the kids?  Sure, some assistance from your little helpers is appreciated, but when the kitchen becomes full and a little too warm, you may be seeking alternate entertainment

TV, Movie, and Music Choices: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. November 18th, 2009| Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens
These days, all over the TV, music, and movies, there is content inappropriate for most children to see, hear, or watch. This is true, but there are many parents who go overboard on "protecting" their child.

First off, I am going to give you the basic run down on American movie

Whom Does Your Kid Associate with?

by Joe Lawrence November 17th, 2009| Teens
The drama encircling Jon and Kate Gosselin got me thinking about a tidbit of wisdom passed to me by my father. Watching the actions of Jon and who he is associating with tells me about his character without ever talking to him. My father used to tell me if you

what to tell them

by Ronald A. Rowe November 11th, 2009| Elementary, Helpful Hints
When tragedy strikes, as it did this past week in Fort Hood and Orlando, what do you tell your child? How much information is too much? When they're small, these things can go right past them without a second thought. But as they get older, they are bound to
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Creating Your Dream Family

by Gumer Liston November 9th, 2009| Helpful Hints, Infants/Toddlers
I guess it is quite safe to say that the majority of those who are in the process of entering marriage have a vision of the kind of family they want to build--their dream family. Some have a clear plan on how to go about making that dream family a
Grass Play

All-Star Sports

by Ronald A. Rowe November 4th, 2009| Elementary
Kids love to play. Organized sports leagues offer an opportunity to harness that love of play and the unbridled energy of youth in a positive manner. But not all sports leagues are created equally.

Turning your child over to a stranger's care for a a few hours each week
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The Discovery Years

by Gumer Liston November 2nd, 2009| Preschool
My son now is entering the discovery years--the age when children start to develop the ability to think things through and learn things by themselves. At this age children begin to understand cause and effect and learn to use past experiences to arrive at judgments. My wife and I have