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Archives for August 2009

clone wars

Video Games

by Ronald A. Rowe August 28th, 2009| Preschool
Video games are a part of modern culture. My eight year old son has a NintendoDS permanently affixed to his hands. He can operate the stylus like a surgeon with a scalpel. He knows every Pokemon by name and type and weaknesses and on and on.

The three

Making Time

by Gumer Liston August 24th, 2009| Infants/Toddlers, Preschool
Okay, I won't deny it, I am time-poor when it comes to parenting. I know that the time I spend with my only son is not enough to be considered enough time. My wife has been telling me to find more time with my son. I love to, but 24

Money Management for Kindergartners

by Joe Lawrence August 21st, 2009| Elementary
When should children start to learn about managing money? Since financial management is considered a learned behavior, why not learn the right way from the beginning? Being a self-improvement junkie, I thought of a system to help my child learn about dollars and cents.

I have never been a fan of

Screen Time: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. August 17th, 2009| Teen Perspective
Recently, I completedearning enough money to buy a Xbox 360 Pro for myself. I am limited in the amount of 'screen time' I am allowed a day, and I wanted to discuss that with you.

Now, some of my thoughts on screens (TV, video games, computers, etc.)for kids. First of all,

The Swine Flu- Part 2

by Ronald A. Rowe August 13th, 2009| Elementary
After my recent post about the swine flu, alert reader Sean Rushforth asked what I think about the swine flu pandemic. In a word: scary. In several words, the swine flu pandemic is really, really scary. (Just to buck the system and stick

College Visits

by Louise August 10th, 2009| Teen Perspective
The first thing to know: Visiting every college will be unique. Some provide tours and information sessions on a weekly schedule for which you can just show up, while others require registration in advance. At many colleges you can even schedule an interview, but there are also those who only


by Greg Cote August 10th, 2009| Elementary
Perhaps you have considered homeschooling, or maybe you aren't sure what is required of families that homeschool. To learn more about some of the benefits and requirements of homeschooling, watch this video interview.

laptop (2)

Is the Internet Safe for Children?

by Joe Lawrence August 6th, 2009| Elementary
We live in a time where anything can be learned almost instantly...the Information Age. If I want to learn how something works, the rules to a game or even diagnose myself when I feel sick, I hop onto the Internet. There are sites that teach you anything and allow you

My Journal as a Baby Daddy

by Joe Lawrence August 3rd, 2009| Infants/Toddlers, Pregnancy

When I was two I received a brand new tricycle from my grandpa. I rode that thing all over the house and especially into my mom's freshly painted baseboards. I scuffed them up beyond all recognition. So I was told many times by my mother. This memory is not actually