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Archives for October 2008

Contest: WMG Giving Thanks Give Away

by Michele October 29th, 2008| Helpful Hints
Wasabi Media Group (WMG) announces our largest contest ever. Almost $2,000 in prizes and everyone that enters is guaranteed to get at least $50 in free advertising!!

The Prize Packs

Prize Pack 1 ($1,000 value) - A Free Business Edition Wiki for 1 Year at PBWiki - http://www.pbwiki.com

Prize Pack 2

TV-Free Restaurants

by Michele October 29th, 2008| Elementary
Recently, I wrote about the benefits of eating dinner at a restaurant with your children. For me, one of the best things about dining out is the lack of distractions- no laptops, tvs, etc. So, following an afternoon of shopping with two of my kids and a quick visit to

Allowances: Teach Your Child Financial Responsibility

by Rosanne Lorraine October 28th, 2008| Elementary
Teaching kids about financial responsibility has never been more important. It is an essential lesson they need to learn at an early age to avoid financial problems in the future. Today's consumerist lifestyle isn't healthy because people are spending more than they can afford. What does that teach the kids?

More Activity = Better Health

by Rosanne Lorraine October 23rd, 2008| Elementary
Being active is an important part of keeping healthy. Physical activity can help people of all ages keep fit, strengthen the immune system, improve concentration, and prevent obesity. Activities can be fun and sociable as well. Research reveals that lack of physical activity can hinder a child's physical, emotional, intellectual,

Bedtime Conversations

by Michele October 22nd, 2008| Elementary
Recently, I wrote about the benefits of eating dinner at a restaurant. The lack of household influences (computers, neighborhood friends, lingering projects) allows for a relaxed environment and from this, good conversation can flow.

There is another location that I find encourages conversation even better, and it is free. That location

The Value of Dinner at a Restaurant

by Michele October 16th, 2008| Elementary
I love to cook and have shared this love with all four of my children. However, there are benefits to the occasional family dinner at a restaurant.

As I enjoy cooking, having someone else make dinner for me isn't really a benefit. But having someone else clear the table and

Interested in Homeschooling?

by Rosanne Lorraine October 15th, 2008| Elementary
It is estimated that between 50,000 and 150,000 children ages 5-16 are educated at home. This number is steadily increasing as parents realize the benefits of homeschooling. Children who are educated at home, either alone or in small groups, can have more individualized attention compared to children in a traditional

Teach your Kids to Remain Safe

by Rosanne Lorraine October 7th, 2008| Helpful Hints
By the age of three, it is important for you to teach your kids on how they can remain safe. You should particularly concentrate on road safety. Show them places where they can play securely, and point out places they should avoid. Letting them know why busy roads are dangerous

College Saga

by Bea October 2nd, 2008| Teens
This is my first year at college. I'm also the first one out of the family's kids to leave for this new stage of my life. This is supposed to be the start of an adventure for me; one in which I start to know what it feels like to