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Three Causes of Behavior Change

by Lori Sciame October 22nd, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
When a child's behavior suddenly changes, it can be a tumultuous time.  A previously sweet, outgoing young boy becomes sullen - barely leaving his room, or a smart, interested girl suddenly seems angry all the time.  What accounts for these sudden changes?  Let's explore three possibilities.

1.  Sexual Abuse

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Common Behavior Problems Solved

by Lori Sciame September 24th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Kids will be kids. They are not perfect beings, ones that always behave; therefore, parents must realize every child will misbehave in school or at home at one time or another.  Yet, if there are constant behavioral problems -- repeated time and time again, it's certainly appropriate to take
gold stars

Behavior Charts: Valuable for Children?

by Lori Sciame August 28th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
"I earned a gold star!"  That simple statement sums up third grade for me.  I loved my teacher, and I worked diligently all year to earn gold stars for specific accomplishments - both social and academic.  For me, as a result of that experience, behavior/task charts became a great

Surefire Ways to Improve Behavior

by Lori Sciame July 30th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Exasperating ... confusing ... maddening.  These words can run through a parent's mind when contemplating the behavior of his or her elementary aged child.  Being a parent is difficult, but it can become overwhelming if a previously sweet child becomes too much to handle.  There is hope, however, as

4 Tips to Improve Concentration in Elementary Kids

by Lori Sciame July 2nd, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Parents of elementary age children understand the concept of perpetual motion.  The reason: their children never stop moving.  Children this age literally jump, wiggle, twist, run, skip and twirl through each day.  They can be exhausting to watch, let alone keep up with.  In addition, being unable to settle

Elementary School: Time for Independence

by Lori Sciame June 4th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Once a child hits elementary school, she can complete many important tasks without a parent's help, including dressing herself, combing her hair, brushing her teeth, making her bed, and even making new friends.  Hard to believe this "little miss independent" finished preschool only a short while ago!

I vividly remember

Manners Aren’t Old-Fashioned

by Lori Sciame May 7th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Lots of things change.  The toys elementary children yearned for 20 years ago have long been out of vogue.  The same holds true for which style of popular music they like.  Kids in my day loved the Bay City Rollers!  Even slang comes and goes. (When did sick become

Patience, My Dear

by Lori Sciame April 9th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Over the past 100 years, expectations of a child have changed dramatically.  Long ago, children needed to entertain themselves for hours at time with simple items, such as jacks or a jump rope.  Now they demand to be entertained with TV, computers, and hand held games.  In addition, children
kids on stairs

Tips: Assertive vs. Aggressive

by Lori Sciame March 12th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Call to mind the timid wallflower. This child is painfully shy.  He never says a word; he only smiles and agrees with everything the people in his life say.  Now think about the budding bully who acts overly aggressive when playing a game in gym class or when pushing

Behavior Decoded: Learning Disabilities

by Lori Sciame February 12th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
Some disruptive or strange behaviors exhibited by elementary age children may be caused by a learning disability that has not yet been diagnosed.  Here's an example:

Eight-year-old Johnny can't sit still at the table. He says his shirt makes him jumpy, and that his socks make his feet tingle.  He

Kids in Charge?

by Lori Sciame January 8th, 2014| Behavior, Elementary
On a recent family outing, I noticed an elementary aged child put in charge.  While it's great to give a child this age a chance for self-expression, it's another thing to let him or her run the show.

Think about this example,  a group of 40 or so family members
santa kids

Taming Holiday Stress

by Lori Sciame December 11th, 2013| Behavior, Elementary
It's not just infants that experience stress during the holidays; older children also succumb to stress this time of  year.  Imagine the following scenario.  Parents of a 7-year-old child throw rules out the window for four days each year.  After all, a visit to grandma's house 1,000 miles away