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TV as Family Entertainment: Tweens

by YPI Editors September 19th, 2022| Entertainment, Tweens
The tween years can become the time when your child wants to be out of the house or with friends on weekend nights. So, those family movie nights you enjoyed during the elementary years may be fewer and further between. Your tween also may be wanting more alone time. There's
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Fun Ideas for Your Child and the Kidsitter

by Tania Cowling February 25th, 2019| Elementary, Entertainment
Elementary kids, ages six to nine, don’t like the term babysitter, as they feel they are too old to be cared for like babies and yet they are too young to stay home alone. So instead parents can call a kidsitter to spend time with their children when they
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Go Take a Hike!

by Michele May 5th, 2016| Entertainment, Tweens
I've always hiked with my kids, which made hiking a natural choice when they were tweens. Even if it isn't something that you regularly do with your family, I'd suggest taking your tweens on a hike. Why take a hike? Let me count the reasons.

Hiking is a great family activity.

Malls, Tweens, and Parents

by Michele March 31st, 2016| Entertainment, Tweens
Ahh. . .the lure of the mall. If you're a parent of a certain age range, you probably spent your fair share of weekend time there during your tween and teen years. Now you are the parent of a tween, and the mall has returned as a desired destination. This
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3 Ways to Have Fun and to Build Character in Tweens

by Lori Sciame October 29th, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
Tweens have a seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm. Take advantage of these positive qualities by enlisting their help with volunteer efforts. You will not only be keeping your child entertained, you will be helping him or her to build character.  While some might argue that volunteering cannot
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Beat the Heat With Water Fun

by Tania Cowling June 4th, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
The living may be easy in the summertime, but the weather often isn’t. During this steamiest of seasons, when the playground seats are hot and the sidewalks are toe scorching, it’s simple to understand why tweens run to the nearest air-conditioned place in front of the television set or
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An Old Adult Looks at Young Adult Entertainment

by Ronald A. Rowe April 2nd, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
I think I have read more Young Adult books and seen more Young Adult movies now that I am an… old adult… than I ever did when I was myself a member of that audience.  I want to know what my children are reading and watching.  And I can
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How to Start a Tween Reading

by Ronald A. Rowe March 19th, 2015| Entertainment, Tweens
Do whatever is popular.  That is generally spectacularly bad advice.  But when it comes to reading and Tweens, that just may be the way to go.  If you have a Tween who is not overly enthusiastic about reading, try getting him or her to try the latest fad in