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Archives for January 2015

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Teen’s Perspective on High School Parties

by Sam P. January 9th, 2015| Teen Perspective, Teens
In every high schooler's educational time period, they will land themselves in a high school party.  Some may go to more than others, and some may only go to one or two.  If you are worried that your child is going to a high school party where drugs and
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3 Winter Perils to Avoid

by Ronald A. Rowe January 7th, 2015| Elementary, Safety
The turn of the New Year brings with it the coldest weather of the year.  January’s wintery bluster brings a whole new set of challenges for parents of elementary children.  Depending on your local climate, these winter dangers can range from mild inconveniences to potentially severe health and safety
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Keeping My Preschooler’s Social Life in Balance

by Joe Lawrence January 6th, 2015| Preschool, Social
Hearing the phrase, “preschooler social life” one year ago would have brought much laughter. How could a four-year old have a social life? Well, I stand corrected, as my daughter has a more impressive social calendar than I ever had.

At least once a week, my wife or I find
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How to Cope With Infections When You’re Pregnant

by R. Carnavale January 5th, 2015| Pregnancy
Despite your best efforts to stay healthy when you're pregnant, you may come down with an infection of some sort -- a cold, a respiratory flu, hay fever, chickenpox, or bladder infections. The key thing to remember is most infections will not harm your baby, so focus on getting
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How Do You Deal With the Unexpected?

by Jennifer S. Rowe January 2nd, 2015| Safety, Teens
When it comes to teenagers, I think we can all agree that there are some behaviors that are universal and we can certainly all relate to. Once you have a teen son or daughter, believe me, you know it! Mood changes, body changes, peer pressure and a plethora of