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Archives for October 2010

The Baby Empire

by Chang Song October 29th, 2010| Product reviews
Within the last year or two, when people look at the stocks in the United States, more times than not they are probably falling. I mean, it is like freaking raindrops in Seattle. But, don't worry; there are several companies that still manage to make money. Of course, that

Learning to Lose

by Ronald A. Rowe October 27th, 2010| Elementary
Self-esteem is the rallying cry in education in the 21st Century. T-Ball teams no longer keep score. Single elimination playoffs are out of vogue. Chess club now gives "participant" trophies to every member. Schools have removed the stigmatizing "F" from failing papers and replaced with a somehow-less-esteem-destroying "U".

In all

Family Dinners

by Louise October 25th, 2010| Teens
As my sisters and I went from pre-school to elementary school, then middle school and high school, our family dynamics were constantly changing, because our schedules kept needing adjustments and additions. First, we all took the same ballet and tap courses, but I soon switched to gymnastics. Add soccer

Story Games

by Ronald A. Rowe October 22nd, 2010| Product reviews
The Story Games for iPod, iPhone, and iPad come in three varieties - City Story, Farm Story, and Restaurant Story. All three score high on my personal metrics for good children's entertainment by virtue of being fun, easy, and free.

City Story is a simplified version of the classic Sim

Getting Enough Sleep: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. October 20th, 2010| Teen Perspective, Teens, Tweens
Now that I am playing a sport that runs until 6:30 at night and am dealing with high school level homework, I am finding that I am not getting adequate sleep every night. More and more often, I find that I am not waking up in the morning on

MacGyver Would Have Been a Great Dad

by Joe Lawrence October 18th, 2010| Helpful Hints, Infants/Toddlers
Give him a stick of chewing gum and a coke bottle and he will create a speed boat. That is the power of improvising and creativity learned from the classic TV show, MacGyver. It turns out, parenting is like an episode of MacGyver.

My baby just turned one the other


by Louise October 15th, 2010| Product reviews
Looking for a fun family game that gets your family on its feet and thinking creatively? Cranium: Family Edition is just the game.

Just like many other board games, the object of the game is to get to the finish line before any other player. However, in addition to mover


by Ronald A. Rowe October 13th, 2010| Elementary
One of the hardest things to teach young people is teamwork. The strongest children - whether we're talking about football skills, academic knowledge, memorizing Bible verses, or just about any other skill set - tend to want to do it all themselves. They know that they can do it

It Is Good to Let Go

by Chang Song October 11th, 2010| Teen Perspective
For the hardworking parents out there, here is probably what happened to the last 18 years of your life. When you welcomed your precious baby into this world, you probably sat back and savored that unforgettable moment in your head. Then you opened your eyes and all you see

Apples to Apples

by Ronald A. Rowe October 8th, 2010| Product reviews
Apples to Apples is a fun party game. It is different from most board games in that the outcome is really left up to the discretion of the players. Each player gets a turn being the judge. The sum of the decisions made by the judges throughout the course

Home Sick: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. October 6th, 2010| Teen Perspective
I was home sick for about half of the last week, and I have had this topic fresh in my mind, so it's the topic I'm writing about this week. Being home sick isn't a very big topic, and is self-explanatory, but there are some very important guidelines that

Travel with an Infant

by Joe Lawrence October 4th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
When my wife and I decided to celebrate my daughter's first birthday in Ohio with the family, I was stoked to share this day with those closest to us. Then I started thinking about logistics: a twelve-hour drive with our little monkey girl who can't be contained was looking