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How Green Are Your Kids?

by Tania Cowling April 23rd, 2014| Elementary, Social
Whether you live in the country or you’re a city dweller, it’s time to launch a conversation with your children about how to become eco-friendly and better the planet. If talking about the environment or the importance of going green has you stumped, here are a few ideas to
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Teaching Your Children About Citizenship

by Tania Cowling March 26th, 2014| Elementary, Social
We define a good citizen as a person who works with others to help make communities, schools, state, and country a safe place to live. And we try to teach our children to be responsible, kind, respectful, honest, and cooperative with others. We also teach them to demonstrate self-control
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How to Tame the Television Obsession

by Tania Cowling February 19th, 2014| Elementary, Social
In my previous article, “Who Controls the TV Remote at Your Home?", we discussed the behavioral issues of kids who watch too much television – now it’s time to learn how to resolve this problem. Below are a few ideas to try with your children.

Centralize your television in
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Who Controls the TV Remote At Your Home

by Tania Cowling January 22nd, 2014| Elementary, Social
The television -- you know, that screen in your living area that mesmerizes your child. It’s such a part of America's lifestyle with children even having their own televisions in their bedrooms. And, the Nielsen ratings show that the TV is on for more than seven hours a day
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Ways Kids Can Share During the Holiday Season

by Tania Cowling December 25th, 2013| Elementary, Social
The holiday season is a perfect time to help children show they care about their world and the people they love. It’s also the time when kids think of fun and getting presents. Raising three children, I felt it’s never too early to teach them about caring and giving
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Dressing for Middle School

by Ronald A. Rowe December 5th, 2013| Social, Tweens
Our family stumbled into a new parenting quandary this year. Up until now, our boys have gone to schools that required school uniforms. There was never any pressure to dress a certain way or to keep up with the Joneses since everyone dressed exactly the same. This year, with
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For the Love of Tweens

by Lori Sciame October 23rd, 2013| Social, Tweens
By the time children hit the tween years, they begin to value social relationships more than when they were little.  No longer is mom or dad the most important influence in their lives.  Instead, friends become their preferred companions.

At least that's what many parents of tweens believe to be
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New Town, New Friends

by Ronald A. Rowe July 3rd, 2013| Elementary, Social
Moving to a new city is a challenge for any family. Elementary age children, as resilient as they are, tend to adapt relatively well. Better, in fact, than the rest of the family. Certainly better than their teenaged counterparts. That isn't to say that the move will be all