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Archives for September 2010

Teen Perspective: Helicopter Parents

by Louise September 29th, 2010| Teen Perspective
It used to be that allowing your child to go to an overnight camp meant that you wouldn't be able to contact them during the time that he or she was there, expect maybe by mail. In this day and age, especially now that it seems standard for everyone

Music Appreciation

by Ronald A. Rowe September 27th, 2010| Elementary
Music is an important part of a child's development. Learning to play a musical instrument has many benefits. It provides a creative outlet, which is sorely needed for children growing up in the age of hand-held video games. It requires discipline, also in short supply in era of the

Alpha and Omega 3D

by Ronald A. Rowe September 24th, 2010| Product reviews
Alpha and Omega is an animated offering that hit theaters this weekend. In the interest of thoroughness, I'm reviewing this film from four different angles - that of an intrepid reporter, aged 39 years; his two sons, ages 4 and 9; and his lovely wife, whose age is none

Who Has All the Answers?

by Joe Lawrence September 22nd, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
Eleven months ago I witnessed the birth of my daughter. She started off as a blob that just laid there and pooped a lot. Then she would roll over after many minutes of effort. A smile and a slight giggle or crying was about the extent of our feedback.

Keeping Second Languages Active Over the Summer

by Jacob P. September 20th, 2010| Teen Perspective
This year, when I started Spanish 2, I remembered a lot more than I expected to after a summer off from school. I started thinking about why I remembered so much, because most of the kids in my class kids didn’t remember nearly as much as I did. So, I

Cell Phones…Start Now

by Kendall Ryan September 17th, 2010| Product reviews
All parents care about the safety of their child. Every parent is a nervous wreck when they let their child sleep at a friend's house for the first time, or participate in their first car pool. Well, there is a solution to ease the anxiety.

As a disclaimer, I will

Stay Connected with Your Teen

by Michele September 15th, 2010| Teens
My oldest child started high school this fall. Although every time a child advances from one school to another, it is a change, this is the one where I have felt the greatest difference. I anticipated that his schedule would be busy, that his social, school, and sports lives

No Pressure Part II

by Ronald A. Rowe September 13th, 2010| Elementary
Several devoted readers have asked about my son, Max, and his long-awaited test with the school psychologist. I appreciate the concern on two fronts: 1) It's always nice to know that people are taking an interest in my son and 2) I

Chuck E. Cheese

by Ronald A. Rowe September 10th, 2010| Product reviews
Chuck E. Cheese (CEC) is a children's entertainment provider/eatery operating in all fifty states, plus Puerto Rico and parts of Canada. CEC's primary offering is a wide slate of video games. They also host children's parties. I will break my review down into several relevant categories - Food, Value,


by Louise September 8th, 2010| Teen Perspective
The act of volunteering is one of the most important aspects of life that you can teach your children. When one volunteers as a young child, it becomes a habit. One will naturally volunteer later in life it, because he or she has been brought up doing so.

I recently

It is easy ‘being green’

by Joe Lawrence September 6th, 2010| Infants/Toddlers
I love watching my daughter crawl all over the place. She has such a presence, even at the tender age of 10 months. It is scary to think of all the chemicals and toxins she may pick up while exploring our home, so we are trying to be as

A Valuable Resource…PRICELESS?

by Kendall Ryan September 3rd, 2010| Product reviews
In your lifetime, you will face many difficult decisions that have to be made in a timely fashion? One of the most difficult and most important: college. As the title suggests, one of the most valuable asset is priceless: US News and World Report Best College Rankings. Believe