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Tweens and Hectic Schedules

by Kimberly Hays January 21st, 2016| Seasonal, Tweens
Tweens can have hectic schedules with school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. They can become totally exhausted, not to mention you, too. Keeping up with our adult work and family is tough enough, but we have to find a balance that works, so that everyone isn’t frazzled and stressed. Follow
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5 Tips on Handling the Holidays: Tweens

by Lori Sciame December 17th, 2015| Seasonal, Tweens
Presents...food...concerts...decorations...religious observances...parties...pageants...and STRESS.  The hype surrounding the holidays begins around November 1, and the frenzy doesn't end until after January 1.  This makes for a LONG holiday season. Adults have experience dealing with the holiday blitz; however, children have a more difficult time handling the pressures surrounding this fun, yet emotionally exhausting, time
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Earth Day Swap Meet for Tweens

by Ronald A. Rowe April 16th, 2015| Seasonal, Tweens
It can be tough to get Middle Schoolers excited about anything other than pop stars and video games.  Tweens are bombarded with so many options that are forcing them to focus on anything other than that which is required for school and that which seems like fun can be
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3 Steps to Keep Your Tween Engaged This Winter

by Ronald A. Rowe January 22nd, 2015| Seasonal, Tweens
Christmas has come and gone but the cold of winter remains.  The Christmas wish list of most tweens is filled with video games and BluRay discs and gift cards to online wonderlands beyond the ken of mere parents.  If your tween got even a quarter of the electronic loot