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School Projects: From the Teen’s View- Part 2

by Jacob P. | February 15th, 2010 | Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens

So, this is part two of my discussion of whether school projects are good or bad for students. For those of you who haven’t read the first part, here is a brief summary: projects are very good for students, although they do have some negative aspects. If you want to read it, here is the link.

Now, this part focuses on a specific aspect of projects: large portions of parental help and whether it is right or wrong. Based on my past experiences, I feel it is far more wrong than right. But, I shall try not to be biased and list the pros and cons.

First, the pros:

  • Kids get help from there parents, meaning a win is much more likely, which will boost their self esteem.

Wait! What? That means the parent essentially is doing the project for the kid just so he or she can win. How is that fair?! It isn’t. Period.

That is my problem with kids having their parents do the project. It isn’t the kid’s project. Daddy or mommy end up doing the project for you! That makes it much harder for the kids who made their own projects to compete. Now, how is that right? It isn’t because it is cheating. Unfortunately, some teachers don’t care.

When we did the catapult project, I was talking to a girl in my class, and she blatantly said to me that her father made it for her. And guess what!? The first place team won because their fathers made it for them!

Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t help or provide guidance. But you should never do it for them or do a large part of it. You should provide only a small example or guidance, but don’t ever do the project, because that makes it horribly unfair for other students.

So, school projects are great for the kids that take part, but parents should help, not do it for them.

(Although I promote kids working on projects, parents should always help when using power tools, sharp objects, and flames.)

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