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School Projects: From the Teen’s View- Part 1

by Jacob P. | February 8th, 2010 | Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens

This year in physics class, I have had a plethora of projects to do. I made an egg-safety chamber, a catapult, a propeller powered car, a mousetrap powered car, and a bottle rocket. So, I figured, “Why not write an article on the pros and cons of school projects?” And guess what? I wrote one!

First of all, I am going to list the pros, just to build up your little spirits and then crush them with the cons.

  • Projects are fun! Period. If we didn’t have projects, we would spend our school days taking tests and quizzes, doing classwork out of the book, and have worksheets for homework.
  • Projects give students that have trouble with tests a better chance. If you’re a student who is very skilled in making things but has trouble with tests, the project is your savior. You can make things like a catapult that outdo all the others.
  • Projects help kids learn better. See, some kids learn by doing, not by seeing or memorizing. So, using a project, these kids can learn how to absorb shock or prevent friction.
  • Projects can help you attain certain skills. No worksheet can help you use a screwdriver, but a project sure can. These projects can help you with hands-on skill.

Projects are beneficiary in many, many ways. But…, now it is time for the cons. Dun-dun-dun!

Actually, what I said about the cons was a farce. I love projects! I was able to find only two reasonable downsides.

  • Some kids are just bad at projects. But, there will always be tests, quizzes, and classwork for these kids to work on, so they can make it up.
  • Projects can be dangerous. There is no way around that. But, everything is dangerous in life, so get over it. I could get zapped by my computer typing this!

So, why not have kids take part in school projects? They have a few downsides, but the pros outweigh the cons considerably.

(Although I promote kids working on projects, parents always should help when using power tools, sharp objects, and flames.)

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