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Cell Phones in School: From the Teen’s View

by Jacob P. | May 27th, 2009 | Elementary, Teen Perspective, Teens

cell-phoneRecently, in my English class, we were discussing what the rules for cell phones in school should be. I believe that cell phones should be banned in school for they cause a multitude of problems.

Now, many parents believe students should carry cell phones in school because students need them for emergencies and getting picked up, but there are more down-sides than up-sides. For example, texting in an emergency could cause a fatal panic. Imagine if all the parents showed up at a school because of a fire. There would be no room for emergency workers and teachers to evacuate the kids! Also, texting of a false emergency could cause a similar panic and other problems.

Classes would be heavily distracted, too. Have you ever sat next to a talkative toddler on a four-hour plane flight?Havinga kid texting in class would be like that. All you would hear is his or her phone chime repeatedly in the middle of the lesson and them talking on calls! Also, kids would learn much less because of distractions from talking and texting.

Finally, students could spread rumors and gossip around schools as fast as light! Having a rumor spread about you is bad, so imagine if everyone knew it at once. It would be horrible! Also, kids could cheat off of tests by texting others the answer. Sure, you can use it as a calculator, but what about tests with no calculator rules! There would be no stopping the rule-breaking.

Many school have made anti-cell phone rules to prevent these problems, though. At first, in the early nineties, most schools banned cell phones. After the incident at Columbine, debate over students and cell phones increased. With the events of 9-11, some states allowed student cell phones, which allowed school districts to decide whether or not to give this privilege to their students. Most schools have made an anti-cell phone rule, with support from the teachers.

At my school, phones are banned, although in my grade the rule is loosely enforced. Also, most kids rebel. Overeighty percent of students in my grade carries cell phones (turned on) in school.

So, the question is, how do you feel about the issue?

  1. The Mother says:

    As the mom of teens, I know this is a hot button issue. Our high school has reached a compromise, mostly at the insistence of us parents, who really appreciate that phone call when our kids are going to stay at school late.

    They are allowed to CARRY their phones. They may not be turned on during school hours. If they are caught using them, it is confiscated and the PARENTS must come up to the school to get it back.

    I think that’s fair. It seems to work. And if there was a need for a 911 call, 30 students would have the wherewithall to do so.

  2. bocachica says:

    This is a tough one.

    I have two teen age girls and I’ve give them each a prepaid cellphone. They are responsible for keeping track of the airtime on it… it’s part of their allowance that they earn by doing chores, staying out of trouble doing community service etc.

    It’s a TracFone by the way.

    But it’s up to the school and their rules. If anyone is allowed to have a phone than everyone should be allowed to have one. Fair is fair.

  3. AuntieE says:

    I have a teenage girl. In her school, there is a out of site and off rule. she keeps her in her backpack and off. I believe the teens should have them. It isn’t like it was years ago, when you knew your child was safe at school.
    One day my daughter called me from the bus and ask us to go pick up her instrument,Cello, before the classroom was lock for the weekend. We told her to go straight home. something happened on the way and she did not make it home. if not for the cell phone we would not have known. So I am for the teens having the phones. However I believe the rules at a school should be enforced as to when cells can be out and on. After 911 every thing changed, I was a school teacher then So I know how important open/fast communication is. texting can relieve a lot of stress.

  4. traci says:

    First I want to say how refreshing it is to see a teenager really thinking through an issue and defending their thoughts! I came to this blog expecting the argument that phones should be allowed, I was pleasantly surprised!

    I was a bit dismayed that the arguments for allowing cell phones are coming from parents. Hello, is there a school out there that wouldn’t let a student use the phone for such things as staying after or missing a bus? Seriously, we functioned that way for DECADES without children or parents being harmed. Every classroom that I have ever been in has a phone in it now. Immediate contact isn’t needed; it’s what is now expected in our society.

    A few springs ago there was an incident at our local middle school. During a fire drill some students claimed to have seen another student throw a handgun under a shed. It was reported to the appropriate people and local officers searched the student’s locker, under the shed, at his house and every where else. NO GUN WAS FOUND. However, the next day several officers came to the school in the morning. One of the superintendents who was on site trying to figure out why all the officers were there, walked into a restroom to find a girl sobbing on her phone about a gunman running through the hallway! The constant parade of parents coming in to pick up their children because they had texted them in “fear for their life” was dispicable. The problem with the emergency argument is two-fold: 1. Everything seems to be an emergency when you’re a middle school aged child and 2. In a real emergency everyone on cell phones are not paying attention to any directions that may be given and they’re taking up signal space that might be needed by emergency personnel.

    We can’t even depend on adults to use cell phones responsibly…it’s not just teenagers dying while texting and driving! I vote for no sight, no sound!

  5. Chris Chan says:

    I really le my Net10 phone! It may not be the fanciest or have all the bling but I pay less and make more calls than anyone I know, I never get any bills either! Ha!

  6. c@d33 says:

    i agree, i am 13 yrs old and i think we dont need a phone TURNED ON at school. now im not against us having it at school. becuzz i have alot of after school activities and its really convnient 2 have commuication w my dad

  7. A'TAIYA says:


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