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The Old Standbys

by Ronald A. Rowe | June 18th, 2010 | Product reviews

This is going to be an unusual product review for several reasons. First, we’re not going to be discussing one particular product. Second, you are probably very familiar with the several products to be discussed already. But stay with me because sometimes we all need to be reminded of what we already know.

Your child will probably never ask you for Sorry or Trouble.    Monopoly may never make it to the top of their Christmas list.  Not when there are Pokemon, Bakugan, and Silly Bands to be had.  But you should get it for them anyway.  There is something about family game night that transcends generations and fads.

Any time we gather around the table to play a board game, the whole family finds time to laugh and talk and generally enjoy ourselves.  Now that the little one is old enough to comprehend the rules and count the spaces on his own, a whole world of evening activities has opened up to us.

Even if you’ve got smaller children, everyone can enjoy a game like Candy Land that doesn’t require the ability to read or count.  But now, Monopoly Junior, Trouble, Sorry, and Operation are in the regular rotation here at Skid Rowe.

Do not let the TV commercials convince you that board games are too “last century” for your kids.  They probably won’t tell you they want one, they most likely don’t even know they want one, but it will be a present that the whole family can use long after the shiny new toys are broken, lost, or otherwise forgotten.

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