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The Oatmeal Bath

by T Akery | May 25th, 2011 | Elementary, Preschool

Oatmeal is often perceived as that lumpy stuff that kids shun. But a simple thing like oatmeal has more uses than merely eating it. The oatmeal bath is one of a parent’s most powerful weapons against all types of itchy skin. It is not a cure-all but rather a temporary measure to stop the scratching. When used in conjunction with a nightly bath, it helps the relieve the itchiness of the day.

Mosquito bites, ant bites, poison ivy, and other allergens can be soothed by an oatmeal bath. Unlike soaps or bubble baths, it soothes the skin. By providing a temporary relief, kids are less prone to scratch the spot until it bleeds. As parents know, children will continue to scratch until that spot becomes an open sore.

It also works well with a diagnosis of eczema in children. Oatmeal helps calm the breakouts that occur and aids in moisturizing the skin. Many doctors suggest using an oatmeal bath in conjunction with other eczema products to keep the condition under control.

An oatmeal bath is a very affordable bath product which you can easily make yourself. The main ingredient is colloidal oatmeal. The colloidal simply means that the oatmeal will not fall to the bottom of the tub. It actually stays suspended in the water where it can do the most good for your child’s skin. Basically, all you need to make it is a blender that can grind things into a fine powder.

If you elect to buy an oatmeal bath mixture, check the ingredients. Make certain that the product does actually contain colloidal oatmeal and that it is listed as the first ingredient. Stay away from products that say they contain oatmeal but do not or have oatmeal listed at the bottom of the ingredients.

There are a few tips when using it in the bathtub. Use warm water instead of hot water. Hot water can cause unnecessary irritation of the skin. Mix it up in the bath water to ensure that it is evenly dispersed into the entire bathtub.  Make certain that the child soaks for a few minutes before washing hair or anything else.

This natural product is often forgotten as a bath product. It is overshadowed by the bubble baths and kid soaps. But it is a natural option to those shelf products. It is also a more affordable option which can you make for yourself with very little trouble.

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