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Teen’s Perspective on Starting the New Year Right

by Sam P. | January 9th, 2023 | School, Teens

teen girl (400x400)Now everyone has their own New Year’s resolutions, but a great one is to focus on your studies.  Set a reasonable goal, like doing better in your classes than you did last semester, even if your first semester hasn’t ended.  Don’t make it anything ridiculous; if you got three C’s last semester and four B’s, try to bring it up to one C and six B’s.  You don’t have to set some crazy goal like a perfect GPA, just try your best and accomplish a few mini-goals.

A great way to improve your grades with this New Year is to be more organized.  Get a whiteboard calendar, if you don’t already have one, and try to keep it in the room where you always do your homework.  This will allow you to write down assignments once you get them and then erase them once they are finished.  Also use notebooks, folders, and binders to keep each class organized.  This will really come in handy when you are studying for finals or a test; it will keep everything from that class together and not mixed in with a whole bunch of other stuff.

While we are on the topic or homework and studying, do this stuff.  Even if you know the subject material, it is always a good idea to do a little extra work on your own to be sure you have the concepts locked into place.  While it may take up a spare bit of free time, it will pay off in the long run as you won’t take as much time cramming the night before a big test.  If you are really struggling on a subject, reach out to a friend or someone else in that class that knows the topic well that can help you study.

Another helpful tip is to always eat breakfast.  Sleeping in an extra ten or twenty minutes may be tempting, but skipping breakfast is incredibly unhealthy.  You will have a far more productive day if you sacrifice those few minutes of sleep and get a nutritious breakfast in you.  It will allow you to pay better attention in class and soak in the information better.  Also, eat brain healthy food.  This may mean skipping the school lunch and chips and making your own healthy lunch.  Avoid overly greasy, salty, or sugary foods and stick to proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grain carbs.  Try to get things that are rich in omega-3’s, as well as vitamins and folic acid.  These are proven to help your brain be more efficient and retain information better.  But eating better on its own may not improve your grades, you will have to put in a little extra effort, as well.

Lastly, keep a positive attitude.  If you go into a test or class thinking you will do poorly or fail, chances are you won’t put in as much effort on problems you are struggling with.  A positive outlook and a can-do attitude can encourage you to try harder and in turn help your grades.

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