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Teen Gifts for Significant Others

by Sam P. | December 6th, 2013 | Social, Teen Perspective, Teens

christmas presentsAs a teenager in love in the holiday season, it’s often tricky to find the perfect gift — and to know how much is enough.  I think it all comes down to how long you’ve been dating.

One month or less: something simple and inexpensive is probably your best bet.  You and your partner haven’t been dating for that long so things aren’t that serious.  Instead of making a large investment in your relationship, save most of it for college or a car.  Spending $15 or less is a good starting point.  Also, avoid large items.  Girls, this means no watches or jewelry (chains or rings if he wears any).  Also try to avoid clothing.  Being at only the starting point of your relationship, you don’t know how long you will last, and if you were to break up within the next few weeks it would go to waste.  Boys, again, no jewelry.  Chances are it’s too costly.  With clothing, as I said above, it may go to waste and that’d not be good.  I would suggest  something small, little teddy bears and cuddly things are great, along with small amounts of sweets.  A goody bag of their favorite candies is always a contender.  Making Christmas ornaments is also a great gift as it is inexpensive but still personal.

One to three months: try not to spend more than $30 to $50.  For girls, buy your man a watch or a wallet,  something you know they’ll use, but won’t make you go bankrupt.  A sweater will work, as well.  A cute idea would be making it into a gift basket.  Incorporate a few things I mentioned above, like “goody bags” or homemade ornaments.  Men, your ladies would probably love a small item of jewelry, something small, but personal that tells them that you know them.  A ring or necklace with a stone in their favorite color works well.  Birthstones, as long as they aren’t too expensive, are a great jewelry gift.  Buying clothing for girls is tricky; only do this if you know their style and their size.  Homemade ornaments and gift baskets pull everything together very nicely.

Three to six months: spend no more than $75, and only if you can afford it.  If you can’t, they’ll understand.  Use the same guidelines for the one-to-three month rules, but you can get things that are a bit nicer.  Instead of a $15  watch or jewelry, you can get a $25 or $30 watch or jewelry.  Clothing is also probably easier to shop for.  But still, only buy it if you know the size is 100% correct.

Six or more months: spend no more that $75 to $100.  But only spend that much if you have that kind of money.  Don’t take out a loan to please your partner.  At this point you don’t need to spend money to receive their love, they will understand if you can’t afford it.

Just remember that it’s quality, not quantity, and that goes for how much you spend as well.  If you’re deciding between a heartfelt homemade gift and a $50 watch or necklace you can’t afford, don’t make yourself bankrupt.  It’s what’s in the heart that matters the most.

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