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Starting Middle School

by Sam P. | August 25th, 2011 | Tweens

It’s always scary moving up into a new school. Last year you were in 5th grade, the head honcho of the elementary school, but now you will be one of the little kids. It’s always frightening, but you have to do it and every kid does. I am actually going to be starting high school next year and the whole idea is scary, especially since I am a 4’11” little girl. The thought of being with high schoolers next year is a little bit frightening. But for now I am still at the middle school.

When you do start middle school it is very different, there is more homework, you switch classes every period, and everything has to be organized. Personally I think the hardest thing is keeping everything organized, because every teacher organizes her stuff differently. Normally all of your papers are kept in a folder in time order and every quarter you go over it and have it graded. The trick to folders is not waiting till the last minute to organize them — whenever you get papers back, put them in order. Also, most teachers keep a table of contents (T.O.C) hanging up on their wall somewhere. Whenever you have free time compare your T.O.C to the teacher’s to make sure yours is up to date. If you do that you should be fine.

As for switching classes after the first week or so, you should be fine. The first week is always the hardest because you don’t know your schedule yet. If you keep a copy of your schedule in your agenda or planner you will be less likely to get lost or confused and embarrass yourself. And if you know that the teachers are switching up the schedule on a certain day write that down on the day because it could end up being very confusing. A few years my teachers switched up the schedule for some reason and my friends and I forgot, we were waiting outside of art class for 15 minutes before we remembered that the schedule had been changed. I ran into social studies class 20 minutes late on the day of a big class, luckily we had a substitute that day and she didn’t care. But either way it was still embarrassing.

If you remember to always be leaving yourself notes on what will be happening or when projects are due, you will be just fine at middle school. Just remember to always be on top of things, but don’t be too spread out, because you never know when you could break.

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