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iPod Nano

by Michele | February 26th, 2010 | Product reviews, Tweens

Today’s product review is a joint article, crafted by my twelve year old daughter (Sam) and me.

Michele: When my husband and I decided to purchase iPod Nanos as Christmas gifts, I thought our children would like them. As a fan of music, I thought it would be a great way for them to listen to a wide variety of songs.

Sam: When I got my iPod Nano, I was very excited. With Nanos coming in such a wide variety of colors, all of the kids in the family were pleased with the colors they got. (Mine is pink.) Once I received it, I started planning all of the songs I would buy. . .and anything else.

Michele: As I don’t have any tv shows or movies on my iPod, it didn’t occur to me that the kids would want to add them to theirs. No, I don’t live in the dark ages, I just tend to think of my iPod as a music delivery system. So, when I realized that the kids would want video on theirs, I was concerned that they would spend too much time becoming glassy-eyed watching shows.

Sam: I did get tv shows and movies, but I only keep a few on it at a time. For one, it can hold only so many. Also, I didn’t want it to be only movies and tv shows.

Michele: Of course, when they first got their iPods, they seemed to want to watch shows and movies more than listen to music, but as the novelty wore off, I realized my concerns were unfounded. Most of the time the kids prefer to listen to music on their iPods.

Sam: Personally, I believe that Nanos (or any type of iPod besides an iTouch) are good for tweens. The thing I don’t like about the iTouch is it has Internet access, and when most kids get it, they fill it up with games. They spend all of their time gaming on it. However, with other iPods, there is a more limited memory, so kids can’t fill it up and be gaming on it 24/7.

The best thing about the Nano is that on long car rides or the bus ride to school you aren’t completely bored. You can listen to music or watch a tv show. On the bus, depending on who’s on your bus, your kids won’t be influenced by bad language because they’re listening to their iPods.

Michele: For our kids, purchasing Nanos was a good choice. They provide lots of entertainment. Quite often I will find the kids daydreaming while listening to music on their iPods. Also, as it can be hard to find just the right gift for tweens, a gift card for iTunes makes a one size fits all gift.

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