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Icky Things and Preschoolers

by Lori Sciame | February 7th, 2013 | Preschool

tpSometimes, the things parents need to do for their children are downright disgusting. It all begins with changing the dirty diapers of an infant, as well as wiping up spit up. Of course, doing these tasks is necessary; however, most will admit that they don’t compare with a lazy day at the beach. These icky tasks continue as a child ages, and many parents don’t realize they are on the horizon. The purpose of this post, then, is to warn those who haven’t encountered them yet to be on the lookout. It’s always best to be prepared!

Insect Infestations

Parents are initiated in the wonderful world of lice — usually during the preschool years. This is because children of this age love to play in close proximity, often leading to the touching of heads. They also tend to share hats and brushes. My first experience with lice freaked me out.

It was the day before Easter, and my three year-old son sat scratching his head while coloring Easter eggs. His aunt, more experienced in these types of things, took him aside, sat him on her lap and began investigating. Sure enough, she spotted a tiny dark bug, as well as dozens of shiny nits. Next she looked at my two year old daughter’s hair, my hair, and my husband’s hair. The only one without bugs — my husband! What happened next was exhausting: hair washing with medicine, nit combing, clothes and bedding washing, stuffed animal quarantining … and no sleep.

As time passed, we experienced lice outbreaks two more times. After the third time, I had realized that although gross, it is a common nuisance. You better believe, for many years I checked heads on a weekly basis to catch the problem much earlier than I had the first time!

Nausea and Vomiting

A preschooler becomes a vomiting machine. For this reason, I suggest a parent of one should always carry plastic bags, baby wipes, and napkins in the car. These handy items saved the interior of many vehicles for me. Also, purchase a plastic bucket to be placed near a child’s bed when they feel ill. The child may not tell you he or she is nauseated, so it is always best to have the bucket handy… instead of relying on a child to run to the bath room.

Bowel Accidents

Almost all preschoolers will have at least one bowel accident — especially when they are excited on a fun trip away from home! This means that it is a good idea to carry extra clothing, including underwear, when going on an excursion. Being caught with nothing to change a child into who has had an accident, is truly a problem. Have an extra plastic bag in which to place the soiled clothing as well.

Rare Occurrences

Although preschoolers can present parents with icky scenarios, we all know these occurrences remain rather rare. Preschoolers, the loving, sweet, fun, happy, curious beings that they are, are well worth all the minor hassles they present!

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