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How to Get Through Dental School While Parenting Full Time

by Editorial Team | March 15th, 2018 | Elementary

High school seniors generally have a heavy course load. While going to school eight hours a day, they might still need to go to sports or band practice or participate in some other extracurricular activity after school. This is not to mention how many extra hours of work high school students need to complete if they have part-time jobs. School is hard, but being a parent and attending dental assistant schools Charlotte is an even bigger goal to take head on. Older kids constantly want to have their friends over for dinner and extra pocket money when they go to the mall. Smaller children might not be as inclined to ask for things, but they do want your undivided attention 100% of the time. If you’re wondering how you might be able to handle completing any kind of dental training education program while being a full-time parent, there are is a plethora of advice listed below.

Don’t Pile on the Classes
During your first semester of dental assistant school, take it easy on yourself. Sure, you may have enough time in your work schedule to take on a full-time class schedule along with an extra class or two to boot. At first, you may even be sailing through your courses, making you feel like this is the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Don’t set yourself up to crash and burn because parenting and going to school is very hard. Take a few classes the first semester and increase your course load so that there is always a good balance.

Take at Least One Night Off Per Week
To do well in school you need to study, you have to perform well on tests, and you also have to leave time for yourself. That’s right, part of the time that you are in school you need to be doing stuff that isn’t related to education in any way. Enjoy Monday night football, visit the spa, or meet with friends in the middle of the afternoon and sip on a glass of perfectly aged wine. You will feel better, your body will be relaxed, and your performance on your next set of tests will reflect the amount of self-care you participated in.

Get Your Kids into the Program
If your kids don’t know or at least respect the fact that you are going to school so that you can make life easier for your entire family, it just isn’t going to work. Kids have the silliest excuses for interrupting studies and doing things to get your attention, even when they know full well that you are preoccupied. Consider the fact that they are testing your boundaries inadvertently. If you explain that you won’t be enrolled in dental assistant school for the rest of your life they might understand that daddy or mommy absolutely needs to be left undisturbed every Wednesday night, at least for the foreseeable future.

You get through dental school while parenting your kids full-time just like you would any other learning program. Take everything in your stride, including your studies. Having your kids see you make it through school will only inspire them to do better for themselves.

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