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How to Communicate with Teachers

by Sam P. | September 5th, 2014 | Communication, Teen Perspective, Teens

teacher-359126_640As school has begun and is now in full swing, we need to remember how to compose ourselves around teachers.  We also need to remember that they are both our elders and our superiors as our teachers.  As a student you have to be respectful to your teacher.  Their job is based off of helping you and teaching you new things.

In the basic classroom scenario you have no need to be impolite to a teacher, so always treat them with respect.  The only reason they are there is to give you a better education.  Treat them the way you would a parent.  You wouldn’t mouth off to them, so don’t do that to a teacher.  As much as you may think they can’t do anything about it, they can.  Whether they send you straight to the principal, or they handle you themselves, you will be punished for being disrespectful to your teacher.   From detentions to out of school suspensions, a teacher can do a lot.  For those of you reading this currently who are thinking, why should I care if I get one of those, trust me, you should care.  There are many colleges that won’t accept students if they see a transcript scattered with misdemeanors like these.  Not only may it affect your future by not allowing you to go to college, but not being able to go to school will just put you behind in your classes and make learning the curriculum more difficult.

Of course, if you were the person thinking that a detention or suspension does not matter, you probably don’t plan on going to college and do not care about school.  This mindset is a bad idea.  Everyone can do well in school and be successful if they put their mind to it.  School is not as hard as many people think.  Of course, college may not be for everyone, but if you want to do well in the career path you have laid out for yourself, you will need a basic education.

Another time when communicating with teachers may be difficult is over email.  When you need to contact a teacher and they do not understand what you are asking it can be quite frustrating.  Whether it is that you have been out of school for a few weeks due to sickness and you do not understand your makeup work, or you simply have a question on the essay that was assigned and is due tomorrow, just stay calm.  If after a long conversation through email your teacher does not understand what you are asking, set up an appointment to see them in person.  Don’t get frustrated and give up, talk to your teacher and explain your issue to them.  Once they understand what you are asking, things should go much more smoothly.  Just remember to be respectful.

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