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How to Be More Involved

by Sam P. | February 7th, 2014 | Teen Perspective, Teens

student rehearsalAs first semester rolls to an end many of us are probably looking back and wishing we’d done more.  High school is a one-time thing and you want to make the most of it. Get involved in your high school and join as many teams and clubs as possible. Whether you’re a full time athlete or you are in every extracurricular known to man, get involved in your school.

  1. Sports: If you want to be more involved in your school do sports, whether you run, wrestle, play baseball, or basketball; there’s always something you can do. You don’t even have to be coordinated to play most sports, you can run all three seasons like I now do. In the fall do cross country, winter indoor track, and spring outdoor track. Or you can play soccer, basketball, softball, wrestling, football, the list is endless. But if you’re looking for sports you can play and still do extracurriculars, go with sports that have shorter practices. This may mean steering away from more difficult sports like wrestling or football. But if those are the sports for you, you can always talk with coaches and the head of your clubs to work something out.
  2. Extracurricular: There are so many extracurriculars out there that there is most definitely something for everyone.
  • Environmental/Ecology Club: If you enjoy the outdoors and are a very scientific person you should check out your school ecology club. If your school doesn’t have one, check out any other science clubs they have, or go to administration and start one.
  • “Key Club”: I don’t know if this is what every school calls it, but at our school this club volunteers a lot. They raise money for charities and volunteer at parks, shelters, etc.
  • Yearbook: If you are a good writer and have lots of ideas, help create the school’s yearbook. A lot of times the hours aren’t too drastic and it is easy to manage with sports.
  • Student Government: If you want your voice to be heard and want to help make the school better, run for a position in your class’s government.
  • Student Council: If you want to help your whole school, and not just your grade, join student council. You can help make your school a better place and have a lot of fun doing so.
  •  Drama Club: If you love to act, join Drama, or Musical Theatre. My school puts on two performances a year, a musical and a play. If you don’t want to be front and center stage you can always help out with lighting or sound, or do hair and makeup like I do.
  •  National Honor Society: If you are very smart and achieve above and beyond, check out applying for NHS. There are certain requisites you have to meet, but if you make it in, it looks great on a college application. If you are really ambitious you can try becoming an officer in NHS.

Those are just a few of the clubs at schools. If those don’t pertain to your interests you can always join a different one. Just remember to stay involved, it looks great on college applications.

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