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Filling the Summer Void

by Ronald A. Rowe | May 27th, 2011 | Elementary, Helpful Hints

Summer is here. Soon, the kids have a lot of free time on their hands. And parents will have a lot of kid time on their hands. Time that has to be filled with games, and entertainment, and stimulation, and fun. Summer is the backdrop for many memories that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to break the bank trying to find activities to fill the daytime hours left void by summer recess. If you’ve got an in ground pool, you’ve got instant free entertainment that will last for hours and days.

If not, above ground pools are reasonably inexpensive to purchase and maintain and make a really good substitute to get you through the summer. I was surprised how enjoyable a four foot deep, above ground pool is for kids and grown-ups alike. Even the little back yard inflatable jobs will keep the kids entertained for hours without emptying the vacation fund. And with gas approaching $4 a gallon across the fruited plain, any activity that can be done at home is a good one.

Left to their own devices, most kids would choose to spend 21 hours a day playing video games over the summer break. Part of our job as parents is to remind them of the joys of the outdoor world. That can be a real challenge in the summer time, especially if you live in the South like your intrepid columnist. Our baseball season is over already to avoid the worst of the summer heat. August in Florida is like January up North – you want to spend as little time as possible in the elements. We run from the Air Conditioned house to the Air Conditioned car to the Air Conditioned store or office as quickly as we can.

This summer, we’re going to improvise and join a bowling league. It’s social, reasonably priced, and a sort-of, kind-of sport. Getting up and rolling a ball occasionally isn’t really all that athletic, but it beats tapping buttons on the Wii remote all day long.

Parents – sign in and let us know what summer time activities you’re going to try this summer.

  1. We buy as many memberships to places that cater to kids as possible (the zoo, the aquarium, science center, play centers, etc.) and then just rotate between them. If it’s a nice day we choose something outside. If it’s raining then we go inside. And if it’s way too hot there’s always the pool.

    It’s expensive all at once to buy a membership but once you have half a dozen of them you have a bunch of options and things don’t get old so fast for the kids.

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